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An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 8: The Music

Close your eyes and try to imagine being in a Disney theme park without music. Isn’t it a strange feeling?  Of course, I have a little bit of bias as a trained musician who is always listening to music, but


An American in Disneyland Paris – Part 7: The App.

When planning for a trip to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland in the States, the one thing I always do without fail is check out the apps before leaving. They’re in a special folder on my phone’s homepage along


An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 6: Unique Attractions

One of the things that fans who call Disneyland Paris home take pride in are our unique attractions found in both of the parks. Whether we’re spinning through the East Australian Current, exploring the fabled Nautilus, or even shrinking to


Top 10 – Best Disneyland Paris Creations of 2019

As we wrap up 2019, I thought we could take a look back at the 10 best things Disneyland Paris has created this year in any category. Now, of course everyone’s preferences will vary, so feel free to sound off


“An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 3: Food, Glorious Food.

When most people think about what makes France famous, one of the first things that comes to mind is the gastronomy. Delicious macarons, incredible baguettes, sparkling champagne, and of course, the classic wine and cheese that appear in every stereotypical


An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 1

Hello, everyone! My name is Kat and I’m one of the reporters for DLPReport. As one of the internationals on the team, I thought it would be interesting if I wrote about my thoughts on Disneyland Paris from someone who