Discovering Cars: Road Trip

On january 5th 2020, Studio Tram Tour Behind the Magic, also known as the last « Behind the Scenes » ride closed its doors at Walt Disney Studios Park. Say goodbye to Jeremy and Irene, because now we’re (unofficially) heading to the Route 66 for a wacky Road Trip with Flash McQueen and friends from Disney • […]

#DLPEntertainmentLeague – And the winner is …

After 50 days of intense face-offs, it’s time to reveal the winner of our very first #DLPEntertainmentLeague! In a final battle between « Disney Pirate or Princess: Make Your Choice » and « Mickey and the Magician »: the result is clear! « Mickey is the Magician » at Walt Disney Studios Park is your favorite show of the decade (with […]

The Life and Death of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

 “Another One Bites the Dust” – John Deacon, Queen. 2020 has certainly been an eventful year. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world, Disneyland Paris included. The French parks were closed for four months and even though they reopened in July, there is still a distinct lack of parades and performances, along with plenty of […]

The Road to Avengers Campus Part 1: An Unfortunate Origin Story

In this series we look at the arrival of one of the most hotly anticipated additions to Disneyland Paris in its 28 year history – Avengers Campus. One year out from opening, we look back on the series of events that brought Marvel to Europe’s most popular tourist destination. The road to Avengers Campus began […]

Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Death Star

Looking back at Disneyland Paris’ history is a tumultuous affair with highs and lows throughout its history Michael Eisner successfully brought The Walt Disney Company back from the brink of destruction after a disastrous dark period in the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. Eisner’s confidence in the EuroDisney project led to massive overspending […]

Phantom Manor Re-Imagined.- Celebrating the Best Disneyland Paris Ride

Everyone has their favorite attraction at Disneyland Paris. Many enjoy the thrills of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, others love the more classic rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, and quite a few prefer to go over to the Studios for Crush’s Coaster or Tower of Terror. But for me, none of these rides hold a […]

5 Fun Ways to Get Your Disney Fix While the Disney Parks Are Closed

We’re living in strange, and somewhat scary times right now and we could all probably do with that sprinkle of Disney magic to brighten up the day. While going to Disney is out of the picture for now, here are 5 ways you can get your Disney magic fix while stuck at home! 1) Wear […]

Kat & Zoe’s Favorite things are Disneyland Park

KAT: Hello, everyone! Today for an American in Disneyland Paris, we’re going to be doing something a little different. This week’s article is going to be a comparison of American and British favorites with a special collaboration between DLPReport and Zoe, more commonly known as Caffeine & Pixie Dust on social media and YouTube! ZOE: […]