5 Fun Ways to Get Your Disney Fix While the Disney Parks Are Closed

We’re living in strange, and somewhat scary times right now and we could all probably do with that sprinkle of Disney magic to brighten up the day. While going to Disney is out of the picture for now, here are 5 ways you can get your Disney magic fix while stuck at home! 1) Wear […]

Kat & Zoe’s Favorite things are Disneyland Park

KAT: Hello, everyone! Today for an American in Disneyland Paris, we’re going to be doing something a little different. This week’s article is going to be a comparison of American and British favorites with a special collaboration between DLPReport and Zoe, more commonly known as Caffeine & Pixie Dust on social media and YouTube! ZOE: […]

An American in (Disneyland Paris), Part 12: Walking Through!

Walkthrough attractions. Some people love them and obsess over tiny details in the displays, while others see them as a waste of space that should be torn down for more interesting attractions with a ride track. Personally, I absolutely adore walkthrough attractions. Being able to control my own path and focus on the things that […]

An American in Disneyland Paris, Part 11: Feeling Homesick

I’m not one to get very homesick, and as someone who likes to solo travel around the world, this can come in quite handy. Of course, there are things I miss from back home (my parents, friends from school, my darling cat Sebastian, etc.), but technology has given me the ability to see what I […]

An American in Disneyland Paris – Part 10: Keeping up the Facade

Construction in the Disney parks is just a fact of life. No matter when you go, there’s always going to be the disappointment of one of the rides you wanted to go on being closed, or your favorite restaurant not being open for the day, or a particular attraction that was supposed to be open […]

An American in Disneyland Paris, Part 9: All Aboard, the Disney Parks Railroads!

I like trains. They get me different places quickly and allow me to have fantastic views of the land around me. The trains I’ve ridden on from ranged from 9 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disneyland to an 8-hour long journey across Switzerland, but I rarely go on trains “just for fun”. That’s […]

An American in Disneyland Paris – Part 7: The App.

When planning for a trip to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland in the States, the one thing I always do without fail is check out the apps before leaving. They’re in a special folder on my phone’s homepage along with Lineberty and some other useful travel apps. Looking at typical wait times, available FastPasses, […]

An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 6: Unique Attractions

One of the things that fans who call Disneyland Paris home take pride in are our unique attractions found in both of the parks. Whether we’re spinning through the East Australian Current, exploring the fabled Nautilus, or even shrinking to the size of a rat, there are always plenty of different options that allow us […]