Tales From Thunder Mesa - The Suitors by Kat
The Phantom Manor known today was not always the haunted home many have grown familiar with. Truly, the Ravenswood Manor was a sight to see in all of its glory with perfect white paint, a bright red roof, and lovely green shutters. But what led the Manor to be in such a state of decay? And who is the ghost bride haunting its hallways along with the rumored “Phantom”? All will be revealed in the Tales from Thunder Mesa – The Suitors, an in-depth look at the beautiful Melanie Ravenswood and the tragic fates of the men who tried to marry her. No one was worthy enough to have Henry Ravenswood’s perfect daughter. No one, not even the richest man in the world, would take Melanie away from him. He was sure of that. Through love, heartbreak, and possibly some supernatural forces, follow Melanie Ravenswood’s journey through the turn of the decade as she begins to discover the world around her and watches it all fall apart.