Orbitron – The Refurbished Space Adventure

Orbitron is a journey to the edge of space – an adventure inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s visionary drawings of the solar system – which has been present since the Park opened in 1992. This futuristic odyssey has now landed in another galaxy to undergo a refurbishment that began in January. For several months, Disneyland […]

Interview with Allison Boullé, Brand and Creative Development Project Manager

Allison began her career at Disneyland Paris as an apprentice while completing her MBA in International Marketing & Communication Strategy. Six years later, she’s working on projects, each one more creative than the next… even during this closing period. Let’s sketch out her role: Tell us about your team and its missions. In my department […]

Interview: Marie-Geneviève Masseron, Disneyland Paris Documentarian

Marie-Geneviève Masseron, Documentarian, is one of the guardians of Disneyland Paris memories. Right now, she is also a « Magic Keeper » who brings memories back to life while also recording the present for future memories. The InsidEARS team met up with her to discuss what she and her post-production colleagues at Disneyland Paris are challenged with: […]

Cars: Road Trip – local companies re-engineer Studio Tram Tour

At Disneyland Paris’s new Cars-themed attraction, Cars ROAD TRIP, guests will be transported along America’s legendary Route 66 highway to get a glimpse of some of its wacky roadside attractions and encounter some of the film’s most loveable characters. Its quirky décor of automobiles come to life has been realized thanks to the expertise of […]

Interview: Paul Nichols, Executive Producer at Disney Parks Live Entertainment

A handful of Cast Members look after Disneyland Paris during its temporary closure, some on site, most of them, working at home. Paul is one of those Magic Keepers. The InsidEARS team met with him to learn more about his role:   Tell us about your background and experience… I’ve been with The Walt Disney […]

Disneyland Paris News & Photo Update: October 18-24, 2020

Well it’s been a relatively drama-free week at Disneyland Paris, on 2020 standards! Halloween is in full swing as we approach the end of October, construction and refurbishments continue to move along, solar power and a global merchandise release! Let’s take a look: Energize! A project we’ve been following since reopening is construction on Guest […]

Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report, October 10-17, 2020

Another week, another set of worrying 2020 news – this time it’s a new 9pm curfew. Otherwise we saw interesting developments for the Standby Pass project, the new internal Pride network, oh and we got a plane! Let’s take a look: Go To Your Room As France continues (like many nations) to struggle with the […]

Halloween 2020 – Interview with the Season’s Scenographers

During Disney’s Halloween Festival, Disneyland Paris is transformed into a playground for spirits and ghosts thanks to the decorations imagined by Disneyland Paris’ Scenographers. But how do they go about immersing guests in the spirit of the party? Jérôme and Thomas reveal some of their secrets to the InsidEARS team:   What does a scenographer […]

Disneyland Paris Aerial Construction Update – October 11, 2020

We got a plane! That’s how I started our Twitter coverage. It’s of course an over simplification but part of an effort to provide different angles in HD for what is set to be the biggest set of construction projects in the history of the Resort, over the next years. Let’s take a look at […]