Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #164 – May 19 – June 2, 2024.

Welcome back to a new update of the DLP Report! After a break last week for the bank holiday and the relatively low level of activity, we are back with the latest: Disney Illuminations, LEGO, Krispy Kreme and of course a check on all the construction. Let’s go!

Disney Illuminations: The Revenge.

We thought it was gone forever but as with many things in Disney Parks, things glow away and things glow back! Disney Dreams saw its possibly final performance on May 30, and Disney Illuminations returned the next day, Champagne in hand!

It’s not all exactly the same however:

– the Beauty and the Beast Live Action scene is gone and has not been replaced

– the Frozen scene was cut in half with only the “Let it Go” part remaining, with an updated transition of Sleeping Beauty Castle thawing

– pyrotechnics, effects and other transitions were also reworked

While the storyline is still non existent it’s nice to see the powerful technical level of this show return. With crisp video and booking sound, it definitely has more of a “WOAH” factor for the average day guests who were not particularly ranking Disney Dreams very high. In the end, the subtext here is that this is a temporary remedy while “something else” is in the works for next year. So stay tuned!


We all thought the donuts were coming to the new Frontierland snack but nope – the popular Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are opening in the main train station ! (Obviously very different teams and projects). A location will also open in the Val d’Europe mall which will feed into this pop up format. The brand has been starting its presence in France recently and we’re very excited to have them at the Resort!

The location is expected to open on Tuesday June 4.

LEGO on the GO

The temporary LEGO store has now opened in the former arcade space at Disney Village.

It’s a little basic but aren’t we all sometimes. The store is only meant to be open until the end of the year while the main location is being remodeled.

This is what the remodeled main location will look like. Or at least the front.

Construction and Refurbishments

Do you wanna build a mountain? The North Mountain is making nice headways at World of Frozen.

Progress is also being made all around the lake, including on the well themed rotating bridge and the various viewing areas for the shows on the lake.

At the “Regal View Restaurant and Lounge” metallic structures are started to be installed. It’s all coming together.

Staying at Walt Disney Studios Park, new poles were installed by the main gate. Why?

And the Studio 1 remodel continues, this giant orange container truck is parked by the site to haul materials in or out.

At Disneyland Park, another stretch of lovely repaving has been unveiled in Fantasyland.

At Videopolis, walls are up around some of the ordering counters for a remodel. More on this soon.

Space Mountain closed for two rounds of refurbishment in the last month. The Attraction continues to have issues as it ages and is screaming for a major refurbishment.

Just behind, the “Lightspeed Photography” sign is out for refurbishment. This is a very nice sign and it needed it as well!

We won’t dwell on Disney Village works this week as it’s really “more of the same”, but the Perrier x Roland Garros activation has been installed like every year.

And finally around Lake Disney, scaffolding is growing around the Disney Newport Bay Club lighthouse which is getting an extensive refurbishment.

This and That..

Citizens of Main Street have been spotted this week, in new costumes ! The long lost feature seems to be in various stages of testing for a potential return to Disneyland Paris.

Since June 1, the Disneyland Park entertainment schedule is flipped:

  • Disney Stars on Parade moves to 11:30am
  • “A Million Splashes of Colour” moves to the afternoon and evening: 2pm / 3:25pm / 5:50pm / 7:05 pm – providing entertainment later in the day this summer.

And Bastille Day (July 14) will feature a special nighttime presentation again this year. Note that unlike previous years, Disney Illuminations will not be performed beforehand on that day.

Well that’s everything happening these last couple weeks at Disneyland Paris ! Thank you for reading and sharing as always, and I will see you back here soon.

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