Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #166 – June 10-16, 2024.

Back again with a new edition of the DLP Report! It’s been a relatively quiet week at the Resort, we did get some new food and of course progress on the many projects. Let’s go!

Indian Outpost

This week, the food department surprised everyone with a new menu inspired by Indian flavors. Now – pizza is no longer in the name but still on the menu. Your options are Indian flavored pizza, or a couple Indian inspired staple dishes.

We had a go at the Bahji Onion Fritters, they were a bit bland and definitely a side size. The pizza was pretty good, something different.

The butter chicken was pretty decent as well. It’s nice to have something themed to the location and especially to get rid of that convoluted “Italians explorers imported flour and made pizza” storyline that was hurting everyone’s brain. In the end the Resort has to cater to a wide variety of European palates, and deal with their third party industrial food producers capabilities so this is a good effort overall.

Disney Adventure World

A special Disney Adventure World section this week as progress is picking up on the projects. In particular Arendelle Castle is coming together with each passing day!

The North Mountain is also slowly but surely filing up. It’s giving flashbacks of Galaxy’s Edge rock work a few years ago.

We’re also starting to get a really good idea of what the rotating bridge and marina access will look like as theming is being added, and event “Regal View Restaurant and Lounge” is starting to become very recognizable.

Around the lake, the various shores are taking shape, some areas more “natural”, some more like docks or viewing areas. the show control / snack pavilion is also entering its final structural stage with theming likely to start soon.

At “Raiponce Tangled Spin”, work is on going on the roof structure and likely also inside.

Construction and Maintenance

Starting in Central Plaza this week with these classy new tree structures. Very nice.

At “Pays des Contes de Fées”, the Up scene has started to arrive. It’s scheduled to open sometime in August.

It’s the book structure’s turn to get refurbished while the rest of the structure is in the shop for repainting. I hope we get a behind the scenes of that process!

Work is also ongoing around the rest of the attraction with plenty of repainting, repairing and repaving.

Over at Space Mountain, work is professing on the new maintenance bay extension and various repairs to the building. Let’s go.

Repairs are in progress on this Main Street Station pillar and the plaque, but in the meantime, it’s a bit unsightly. Main Street Station has had a lot of structural issues lately.

Over at Walt Disney Studios Park, the fictitious sliding doors have been removed from Studio 1 as part of the World Premiere transformation. It’s no longer a movie stage, it’s .. a park. A theater. It’s something else but don’t think too much about what exactly or you’ll get a headache.

This new map of where to get food at Walt Disney Studios Park has been added and well, there’s not much.

Over at Disney Village, works continue.. everywhere. The Disney Village dome access has been rerouted and the land is being prepped for the new McDonald’s with construction set to begin in September.

Near the Sports Bar, bleachers have been added for the summer sporting events.

The back of the structure was covered with a LEGO tarp and as usual with LEGO – it’s hilarious!

At Lake Disney we’re tracking the Disney Newport Bay Club Lighthouse refurbishment. It’ll receive repairs, fresh paint and new lighting.

And on the parking side of Disney Newport Bay Club, a whole new section of repaving has been unveiled. It really brightens up the area and looks tidier.

Schedules Updates

A new section starting this week – we will note down recent refurbishment and park hours updates if they have been released during the week.

This week we posted the refurbishment Update for September 2024:

  • Flight Force: Sep 2-6
  • Peter Pan’s Flight: Sep 2-20
  • Space Mountain (again): Sep 9-10
  • Indiana Jones: Sep 16-20, closing again Sep 23 with no reopening date.

And we also updated our Park Hours chart with September 2024:

  • Disneyland Park: 9:30a-10pm, and 9:30a-9pm weekdays from Sep 9.
  • Walt Disney Studios Park: 9:30a-9p, and 9:30a-8p weekdays from Sep 9.
Well that’s it for everything notable this week at Disneyland Paris! Thanks as always for reading and sharing and I will see you again next time for a new update.

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