Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #163 – May 13-19, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLPReport! This week we traveled to Wonderland for the media preview of “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland”. We also tracked a lot of progress on construction projects, and got ready for pride. Let’s go!

Get in Loser, We’re going to Wonderland

After month of speculations about how exactly the creative teams were gonna throw a modern Alice in Wonderland BMX stunt show remake in a huge arena, we finally got to see the result. “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” previewed for media and Disneyland Pass holders and oh boy it did not disappoint!

The show sees Alice going back to Wonderland for the ultimate battle with the infamous Queen of Hearts. Imagine if these two were mistakenly invited to the SAME PARTY by the Mad Hatter? Right ok you don’t have to.

Along the way she is meeting all the usual characters we know and love – although most of them have a minor supporting role in the overall production – plus the Wonderland residents who are all magically good at BMX and trampoline (yes, and?). The audience gets to decide who has won the battle at the end, offering them a choice of two alternate endings.

If this all looks and sounds absolutely bonkers it’s because it is- in the most highhhlarious way possible. The only way this project was ever gonna work was if the creatives went all out with the colors, the music, the stunt and the larger than life campiness. And they did: “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” is so weird, so fun, so Disneyland Paris.

Amongst the chaos, the production doesn’t forget talent: the music is catchy, and the live vocals are absolutely on point, in particular for Alice who is giving us Ariana Wonderland.

The design is very modern, a mix of Mad Tea Party, Pirates and Princesses and a touch of Stunt Show. Costumes are bright, sometimes downright weird, but it works. You’ll definitely wonder “what the heck did I just watch” but that’s the point, no? Cuz we’re all a little bit mad here.

Check out our full video from the preview weekend. The scale of the show is really something to be seen in person so come on down to Walt Disney Studios Park from May 25 to September 29.

The show opening also means that the Theater of the Stars is now officially open, after over 4 years of disuse. The arena has been refurbished and put up to code but I’m afraid the seats are still hard plastic. The theater has also received a new holding area on the Disney Adventure World lake side (given the old one was swallowed by Avengers Campus). It’ll be interesting to see how the theater integrates with Adventure Bay in the future : while it’s located very close to Avengers Campus, it’s expected it’ll belong and connect to the new lakeside promenade.

The Theater’s restrooms were also completely refurbished and they look great!

Disney Pride

After several years of producing a hard ticket after hours Disneyland Paris Pride special event, the resort won’t be producing one this year. This is in line with the just as surprising cancellations of the other special events we’ve grown accustomed to: Halloween, New Years Eve, Run Disney. It’s unclear why the Resort has decided to give up on these offerings – the answer probably lies somewhere between profitability, limitations from the special events team, availability of the parks, and/or overall management decision making.

Instead, Disneyland Paris will present a short pre-parade on June 29 during operating hours, featuring Disney Friends in their Pride outfits and the Disneyland Paris Cast Members.

If the party is canceled, of course the merchandise is not. The 2024 Disney Pride collection – with some Disneyland Paris variants, is now available in the shops.

Construction and Refurbishments

We start with our latest look at Disney Adventure World construction, starting with World of Frozen: Arendelle is really starting to come together !

A lot of facades are complete with more on the way and the clock tower looks almost done.

We also saw the arrival of Arendelle Castle’s first outer turret!

The exciting news is that a whole forest of trees has been planted to the right of Arendelle Castle, to prepare for the place making and separation from backstage. The rotating bridge is getting themed – and it’s stuck in the open position for now.

At “Raiponce Tangled Spin” the support structure is being finalized with the topper sitting right there on the ground.

You can see it here from another point of view.

Progress is also being made on the show control building and the “Regal View Restaurant and Lounge” – for which we got a new angle due to the opening of the Theater of the Stars!

In Walt Disney Studios Park it’s walls walls walls but a good number of them have now moved – revealing the very grey new pavement for the area.

A park map and directory was added to the construction walls. It features the new world order of the park.. for now.

And in Toy Story Playland, Buzz has been put in a box for refurbishment.

At Disneyland Park the good news is that all the “winter to spring” nonsensical decorations have been removed. These never resonated with guests. Or made any sense. Hopefully the creative teams will talk to each other next time. “A Million Splashes of Colour” will continue to be performed until the end of September.

At “Pays des Contes de Fées”, the “other” North Mountain has been snowed in.

And in Fantasyland a nice new pavement is being installed near Dumbo.

Let’s not forget Disney Village which continues to be sliced off and turned upside down for the remodel.

The string of shops on the right side is unrecognizable, and a new project has started between Rosalie and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

Work is also ongoing at the Disney Village Dome to prepare the land for the new McDonald’s building.

Down the road, signage is up for the temporary LEGO Store in the former Disney Village Arcade space. It will be called “Le Club House” and is certainly already .. a vibe.

This and That..

Boardwalk Candy Palace will close from July 1 for a refurbishment and a bit of remodeling, but I’m not yet allowed to tell you what. Stay tuned !

Thanks for reading, sharing and supporting as usual- I will see you next time for a new update on the latest happenings at Disneyland Paris !

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