Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #168 – June 24-30, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLP Report! It was a busy summer week at the Resort with lots of news, events and more. Let’s take a look!

Re-imagining in Progress

Sports Bar

This week Disneyland Paris release new details on the fate of the Sports Bar. While the remodel isn’t groundbreaking, it will freshen up this pretty depressing corner with new paving, a remodeled terrace with plants, new lighting package and a large see through awning featuring Goofy playing sports!

We also received this concept art in HD (it was shown on April 12 but only on screen). The main info here is that Sports Bar will merge with NY Style Sandwiches (which I guess will glow away) and feature a new food and drink offering (as a Disneyland Paris fan it’s always hard to get excited by these “new food offerings” but let’s see, I guess).

The area will close “soon” and reopen in 2025 with the new design.

Boardwalk Candy Palace

Another location which is getting a makeover is BCP. The location will close next week for a remodel. The location will reopen in 2025 “to indulge in an even more delightful experience”, according to a very carefully drafted “do not panic” statement from Disney. Walt Disney Imagineering Paris will be “preserving its original charm” while “expanding the resort’s food & beverage offerings”.

The statement continues with the attempts to reassure everyone that as part of the Boardwalk Candy Palace refurbishment, imagineers will “not only rearrange the space, but they will also restore columns, paintings, moldings, and decorative accessories. All-new pieces of furniture and exclusive artwork will also be introduced”. There will also be new snack offering, including from a partnership with M&M’s.

At the Magic Kingdom, Disney introduced the M&M’s Color Kitchen in 2021, a wall of self serve candy similar to what we can find at M&M’s World stores around the world. It’ll be interesting to see if the concept will port over to a corner of Boardwalk Candy Palace.

With the location closing soon, many of the signature snacks have been relocated to La Confiserie des 3 Fées.

Castle Stage

Castle Stage has now closed and is behind walls for a re-imagining that will continue until 2025. As previously discussed, it’ll involve the reworking of the stage, technical upgrades, new backstage rooms and more. When it reopens, the venue will be able to host higher caliber shows.

The walls were “decorated” with some regal designs. It is what it is and need to be done I guess but that’s gonna be a long and painful process.

Cafe Hyperion

This summer, Disneyland Paris will test 5 touch screen ordering kiosks at Cafe Hyperion. For the test, only physical cards will be accepted, and discount won’t be available. The UI will be FR and EN for this phase. Traditional registers and assistance remain available.

One could query why the Resort is going for kiosks instead of improving their abysmal mobile app or ding process. Most Guests have a smartphone these days.

Marvel Art Atelier 2

Friday was the second edition of the Marvel Art Atelier, a program aimed at promoting and rewarding emerging Marvel Artists. While it’s quite a niche endeavor, it’s great to see the hotel continues with its concept to be an art gallery for everything Marvel, including by giving visibility to new artists.

Attendees included Marvel writer and editor C. B. Cebulski, and Brian Crosby who taught us how to draw Spider-Man

If you’re wandering around Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, don’t miss the art from these fantastic young artists and their mentor, on the ground floor.

Our thanks to the Marvel, Disneyland Paris Insidears and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel teams for welcoming us to this lovely little media event.

Disneyland Paris Pride

Choose your fighter for diversity.

Despite no longer hosting a fully fledged Disneyland Paris Pride night special event, the Resort celebrates diversity on Saturday when various smaller offerings during the regular operating day.

Disney Friends and Cast Members gathered for a pre-parade on Main Street.

And at Videopolis, Guests could meet Stitch or take a selfie with the gang on stage, all wearing their rainbow outfits.

There was also a special snack and a rainbow tumbler. Overall, while pretty basic, this was a lovely little extra using a recipe for one-day-celebrations that Disneyland Paris has now mastered successfully.


A merchandise section!

Inside Out 2 merchandise has arrived in the shops. The plush are all amazing ! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, make sure you do meet these new emotions.

There’s also a new “Street” collection and really WHY. What is this. I guess if it exists there may be a market for this type of bootleg merchandise.

And there’s a new giant Lion Long mug for the 30th Anniversary. If you’re watching Rhythms of the Pride Land there’s also an announcement before the show. And that’s about it for this anniversary so far but I guess we may not be done yet.

And it’s also now the Summer Sales, until July 9 with some pretty good deals up to 50% off across many shops.

Construction and Refurbishments

We don’t like to do like everyone else so this week we brought you photos of World of Frozen from the BACK of the park. Some great details and interesting angles!

In the open-ish area of Walt Disney Studios Park, repaving continues and a new area has opened by Animation Celebration with this kinda cool floor pattern. Grey again but oh well. On Studio 1, the Walt Disney Studios logo has been sanded, likely before repainting.

The shop now carries World of Pixar merchandise, the land with the blurriest footprint in a Disney Parks

Staying in the repaving department as we hop over to Disneyland Park with this lovely design in Fantasyland. Put land was already gorgeous but now it’s gonna be next level perfection.

Next door, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth is under refurbishment with the return of a familiar friend. Lots going on in that area.

Over in Discoveryland, scaffolding and tarps are going up for the refurbishment of the Space Mountain show building, finally.

And if you rent strollers you’re in for a double shock: first it’s how €5 extra at €30 and second: this weirdly home made sticker.

And at Disney Village, the lakeside area between Rosalie and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel has been dug up completely for remodel. Too bad as it was a lovely quiet area but I guess that’s prime real estate that wasn’t being used.

This and That..

Disneyland Paris operating company Euro Disney Associes has received a criminal fine of €400,000 from DGCCRF for “inadequate communication” relating to the quotas restricting access to the theme parks to the legacy Annual Pass program holders. More info HERE.

And it’s been teased that the news Disneyland Pass party will take place on September 13. More details to come!

And that’s our complete tour of everything happening at Disneyland Paris this week. What a busy week! Thank you for reading as always and I will see you again next time with a new update.

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