Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #162 – May 5-12, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLP Report! It’s been a rather quiet week at the Resort but we still have some news and updates for you so let’s take a look!

Re-ignite Your Magic Dream

The news finally dropped that Disney Illuminations would return on May 31, marking the second time Disney Dreams will be glowing away.

While we all poke fun at Disney Ilumination’s creative desert and clip-show attributes, it’s also been evident that Disney Dreams has not had the same amount of love from fans and casual Guests alike since it returned over a year ago. Maybe it’s the tech. Maybe it’s the animation. Maybe it’s all the removed effects and pyrotechnics compared to the first run. Or maybe it just hit harder in our collective memories than in reality. It’s really a surprise it’s lasted so long.

Don’t rejoice too fast, Disney Illuminations will return in a shorter format with almost 8 min missing as the entire Beauty and the Beast and half the Frozen sections are getting the chop. Arguably perfect choices as these were the most excruciating parts of the show. You may be wondering but then why not replace them with something ? Money.

Hopefully this is all filler until one happy day we can get an entirely new nighttime show.

Construction and Refurbishments

We start at Disney Adventure World where construction is ticking along slowly but surely.

The North Mountain is taking shape at World of Frozen and the Clock Tower looks close to complete.

You’ll have notice this cute little spire for the boathouse (actually a small souvenir shop).

The impossibly named “Raiponce Tangled Spin” (it’s NOT too late to change the name, guys) is moving closer to reality with the main roof and most of the queue roof complete. Supports are in place for the theming.

Elsewhere in places not called Disney Adventure World but Walt Disney Studios Park: more walls. This area by Studio Theater is likely being repaved while “TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure” is closed.

At TOTS, signage is going up both for the venue name and the show.

The new queue is ready and they were “testing the umbrellas”. The show officially opens May 25, with previews from May 18.

Over at Disneyland Park work continues on the addition of a covered terrace and gazebo to Casey’s Corner. Foundation work is taking a lot of time and nothing vertical has been installed yet, but when it does, it’s expected to be quick.

In Fantasyland, crews are busy at “Pays des Contes de Fées”, on the queue, the new scenes and even the book which has started to get worked on (or rather some elements around it removed).

In Adventureland this fruit stand has returned. It’s lovely but is €1.50 PER FRUIT really encouraging healthy habits.

At Pirates of the Caribbean, the attraction photopass corner is behind walls. Guests can see their photo at the shop’s registers.

Where to start with Disney Village. After the closure of Disney Gallery, Disney Fashion and the LEGO Store last week, walls have expanded and crews are busy at work slicing up the facades, roofs, pillars and the inside of the shops. The projects (for these 3 locations) are expected to be completed by years end so there’s no time to waste.

This and That..

Michel den Dulk has been appointed as the new Vice President, Portfolio Creative Director for Walt Disney Imagineering at Disneyland Paris, suggesting that Tom Fitzgerald might be leaving the Resort.

Michel has worked on multiple projects such as World of Frozen Hong Kong and in Paris, Disney Adventure World. His career also took him to European competitors The Efteling and Europa Park. Time will tell what he has in store for Disneyland Paris, but one thing’s for sure: his decisions will be very closely watched.

The Disney Parks Blog has been updated to reflect that Mickey’s Halloween Celebration will return mostly unchanged this year. Both the (successful) Halloween and Christmas seasons sound like they will once again be mostly a re-edition this year.

And that’s the latest from Disneyland Paris this week! Thank you for reading and sharing and I will see you again next time for a new edition.

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