Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #167 – June 17-23, 2024.

We are back with a new edition of the DLP Report! This week we welcomed lots of things: an emotion, a castle, a castle lighting. Let’s take a look!

Anger Issues

He’s arrived ! A new emotion has been unlocked at Disney Parks including, despite all their efforts not to tell anyone, at Disneyland Paris too. Anger is very busy however so make sure to catch him on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday.

Joy is also here, and on his off days, Bo Peep takes the lead. Sadly Sadness isn’t here for this activation.

The food department did do something – some cute donuts with various fillings. They’re actually nice and fun even if a lot more expensive than Krispy Kreme, and some popcorn with tutti frutti bits reminiscent of course of the memories.

There’s a couple animated MagicShots with more emotions: embarrassment and envy. Don’t worry the weird dude won’t be on your photo.

Also from the merchandise team: a nice series of pins and a lanyard.

And from July 1, new statues of Joy and Anxiety will be installed in Worlds of Pixar. Why July 1?

In Central Paris this week we attended the French premiere of the film at the iconic Grand Rex, thanks to our partners at Disney France. Inside Out 2 is now playing only in cinemas in most markets, and doing very well, taking the titles of biggest movie opening of 2024!

Disney Adventure World

Tell the guards to open up the gates! Well, not just yet but Arendelle Castle is here! After months of preparation and the arrival of the side turrets, the central section of the iconic Castle has even installed.

Yes it was pre-built off site, but still this is a huge milestone and makes Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be Disney Adventure World) officially a Castle Park.

Right on top, the tallest spire sports the snowflake star.

Right next door in Arendelle Town, the mountain range is filling up day by day. On the right side near the castle it’s starting to take its final form while on the left, above the snow building, it’s just getting started.

A ton is also happening around the lake, from the rotating bridge and marina access to the viewing areas and amenity pavilions. Little by little, the new area comes to life.

A special mention for that amazing forest that came out of nowhere and is really doing wonders for the immersion.

Let’s now forget the “Regal View Restaurant and Lounge” which is also starting to look a lot more like the concept art and the show control building where the crew will be starting the lake show every evening!

And at “Raiponce Tangled Spin” the roof panels are being put in place. Not long until the topper is placed on top.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Lighting

After years of hating on these giant wash lights that made the castle all one color, Disneyland Paris has finally unveiled a project to bring back proper architectural lighting to Sleeping Beauty Castle. While the washers are still in use at the bottom, uplighters and spotlights are used on the main structure.

The project is still in testing and maybe we could tell the teams that Sleeping Beauty Castle is beautiful as it is and doesn’t need to be lit in bubblegum colors. Sure a little bit of color pop is lovely but it doesn’t need to be a giant glow stick. With that said, bravo to the teams for pulling this project together, it is much needed and appreciated.

Construction and Refurbishments

Yep this is where we talk about the rest of Walt Disney Studios Park. A lot of walls have disappeared (finally) in production courtyard, unveiling the new pavement mix. It’s a bit grey sure but what an improvement! Also: the black trees?

It’s the end for the Monsters Inc. Scream Monitors, now fully removed.

Down the road in Toy Story Playland, Buzz has returned from his intergalactic holidays.

Moving over to Disneyland Park where permits have revealed that Castle Stage will soon get a huge makeover lasting until Spring 2025. On the menu: reworked stage, upgraded technology, new backstage areas, infrastructure updates and more. During that time the parade will drive on the road above – yes it’s tight but it’s expected that Guests won’t be allowed to stand in this area.

This week the structure for the new Casey’s Corner gazebo has arrived. If you remember that’s what it’s gonna look like on the right. This is all part of the resort wide project to provide more covered areas for Guests, Cast Members and performers. For example, Stitch will no longer have to leave in case or rain or stand under awkward umbrellas.

In Central Plaza, fresh flowers have replaced the colorful wood chips as Summer has officially arrived!

At Videopolis, walls are down on one side of Cafe Hyperion. The area has lost all registers and queue as it becomes a pickup point for the touch screen ordering kiosks that are being installed just across.

And at Disney Davy Crockett Ranch, the first signs of the Junior Woodchucks retheming have been spotted – at the playground ! The property is scheduled to debut new and renovated cabins with the Woodchucks theme later this year.

This and That..

A new Disneyland Paris “anti stress” coloring book has arrived this week at The Storybook Store, featuring some fantastic designs to color – for kids and kids at heart. It’s also available on Amazon in France and select European Amazon sites.

And that’s our wrap up of everything happening this week at Disneyland Paris! Thank you for reading and sharing as always and I will see you again next time for a new report. Have a good week!

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