Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #169 – July 1-7, 2024.

And we are back with a new weekly report! It’s been a pretty quiet week at the Resort but there was of course a bit of news, from Inside Out to the Disneyland Pass Party. Let’s take a look!

Joy & Anxiety

They somehow didn’t make it for the activation launch but Joy and Anxiety have arrived in Worlds of Pixar across from the Toy Story Playland entrance. Anxiety is being Anxiety but Joy sports a new facial expression, more in line with what she has to deal with in the second installment of the franchise. In any case they are both very well executed !

Back to the 2000’s

Well they’re giving it another go. The next Disneyland Pass party will take place on September 13 and will have for theme “Back to the 2000’s night”. Some details:

  • 7:30p-2:30a, early entry 6p
  • Special entertainment, featuring rare Disney Friends from the 2000’s
  • Flashy 2000’s fashion welcome
  • On sale July 10, 11am CET
  • €59, Member + 2 Guests allowed

Note that while the park won’t close early, Frontierland will – to allow the party to “kinda start” at 7:30pm in that land only. It’s an interesting new approach and can’t wait to see how this turns out.

While the exact details of the event haven’t yet been announced we can imagine given the decade that we may get 2000’s Disneyland Paris show revivals, dance parties with hits from the decade, characters from that era and celebration of iconic Disney productions like High School Musical.


It’s the pizza shuffle again at Stark Factory. gone is the prosciutto pizza – my favorite, thanks for nothing Tony – replaced by cooked ham, and the Stracciatella pizza replaced by a chicken pizza.

Over at March Hare there’s also a bit of a switcharoo: gone is the ace of heart ice cream, replaced by Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.

At Toad Hall you can now also get sold crispy plant based bites from Beyond Meat.

I’ll include this in “food” – Boardwalk Candy Palace has now closed for refurbishment until 2025 for a complete refresh and remodel.

During that time you can find the signature snacks and candy at Confiserie des Trois Fées in Castle Courtyard, the new place to be. One downgrade however is that it will close early each night as it’s in fantasyland.

Construction and Maintenance

She’s an icon. She is the moment. She’s a Castle Park.

We start at World of Frozen where it’s all system go in Arendelle. The mountain range is growing, the facades are coming to life, the lake shores are shoring.

We are also finally seeing some meaningful progress on Adventure Way, landscaped avenue that will feature themed gardens and flat rides. After so many months of boring but necessary infrastructure building it’s great to finally see things get off the ground.

At “Raiponce Tangled Spin”, the roof is coming along nicely and the pond that will sit next to the attraction is being built.

Progress is also quick at the “Regal View Restaurant and Lounge” and its viewing area as well as the show control tower – and snack.

Back in the ugly parts, the pavement is making progress around Animation Celebration and Studio Theater. Slowly but surely getting there.

Plants have also started to arrive in World Premiere Plaza, one day she will be pretty. Well, prettier.

Crossing over to Disneyland Park, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth has reopened from refurbishment. A lot of were and props have gotten a new coat of paint and the rocks are now.. shades of green. Why not but also WHY?

Work has began at Castle Stage which is embarking in a 9 months upgrade project.

And at Casey’s Corner the super slow building of an awning for a terrace and a Gazebo continues. Yawn.

The next big news will be “Pays des Contes de Fées” which is scheduled to reopen sometime in August. The loading platform has gotten a much needed colorful coat of paint!

The Plaza Gardens fountain is operational but the basin is empty. Unclear if this is a refurbishment or to prevent Guests from swimming in it.

At Disney Village, the emptying of Planet Hollywood continues. The “ball” part of the building will be slowly cut apart at night over a period of time.

And at Disney Newport Bay Club, the Yacht Club restaurant has now closed for refurbishment until the end of August.

Save the Dream Factory

With lower attendance at Walt Disney Studios Park, cost cutting, and the success of “TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure”, Guests are forgetting or not noticing the Disney Jr. Dream Factory. Cast Members try their best to redirect audiences but the show sadly doesn’t fill up like it used to and it’s unclear if it may return for another season. So if you love the show, let Disneyland Paris know by visiting and supporting !

Well that’s it for another week of news at Disneyland Paris. Thank you as always for reading, sharing and supporting, we see you! And I will see you again next time for another update.

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