Special Report: April 12, 2024 Media Event: Disney Adventure World, Disney Village and More

For the past few years, April 12 at Disneyland Paris doesn’t only mean Anniversary, it also means media event and this year is no exception. With the Resort in a massive flux, corporate coms had warned that the event would be updates on ongoing projects only. But despite the carefully calibrated scope, the event had its share of oohh and ahhha and even a few surprises. Let’s take a look!

Disney Adventure World

DAW! Three little words that sent ripples across the entire community instantly. Exit Walt Disney Studios Park, welcome Disney Adventure World, the new name of Disneyland Paris’ second park from the time World of Frozen opens (in the next couple years). Do we already have an “Adventure” park in California and a “World” resort in Florida ? Yes. Will it be confusing ? Yes probably for some Guests but in the end we will probably get used to it, even though some will definitely continue to say “let’s go to the Studios” in the year 2038.

World Premiere

The name also reflects the change of storyline for the park. Gone is the idea of visiting a working movie studio, going behind the scene and learning how movies are made. Today movies are made in a giant box of LED screens and so while the nostalgia remains, the fascination and excitement is gone. Studio 1 was the first clue of the current “movie studio” story. A place where all the sets are stored and lucky you, you get to eat a crap burger around them. At Adventure World, you’ll be going TO Hollywood, in a shift to Disney’s legendary hyper realistic environments. Studio 1 becomes “World Premiere” where you’ll be walking through a fantasy of Hollywood into the Disney Theater where you’ll enter.. the movies.

World Premiere is a more true to life idealized concentrate of Hollywood, complete with “real” facades, a museum and a park, Hollywood Gardens where you’ll get to relax and eat under the stars. Restaurant En Coulisse becomes Hollywood Gardens Restaurant, as it opens up to the sky (via removal of half the mezzanine) and drapes itself in strings of lights. Looks lovely. We’re waiting for the menu. Please change the menu.

At the media event we got to see exclusive images of the Disney Theater set being built. Looks huge!

World Premiere Plaza

From here, things get tricky. Once you’ve gone through the Disney Theater it’s time for your World Premiere on World Premiere Plaza. They truly have outdone themselves in finding the most straightforward boring first degrees names for this place making but I guess that’s 2024 Disney. Gotta be on the nose or “Guests will get confused”. World Premiere Plaza takes you into .. Hollywood. So not really into the movies. Yet. But later you will be. It’s probably the hardest part to remodel due to its “utter void of magic” vibes and I sympathize. We’re keeping the wee bit of Hollywood and Tower of Terror, the theaters (the project was knows as Theater District which would’ve been a GREAT name but see comment above, I think they think we’re too dumb for it). The good news is that we’re also keeping the wonderful shows the area is known for. We’re also getting TREES and REAL pavement that is not reminiscent of Guest Parking.

By day, the area is better than what it used to be, but this is mostly a refurbishment and beautification project. Studio D is also getting a new entrance so it looks less than a backstage door. Animation Celebration remains as is. The Partner statue gets turned around and Walt will now be pointing at the Lake.

Adventure Bay and Way

As Guests will walk towards the lake they’ll stroll along the landscaped avenue called Adventure Way of course. On the right they’ll encounter the absolutely stunning “Raiponce Tangled Spin” Attraction which, in line with the project overall, gets an odd name, half in French half in English. Why. The design is stunning with lots of details, in particular on the ceiling which will feature some lovely murals.

At the media conference we got a sneak peek at the ride vehicles, giving a bit more detail into the design than the artist concept. They appear to be round spinning teacups with a “boat” addition on one side and a design in the back.

Further down, “The Regal View” restaurant and lounge received another basic name. I guess you are gonna be looking at the kingdom of Arendelle so, yeah. The building is stunning and from here we really get a taste of what the style will be for the lake. The restaurant will be character dining, plus a more casual lounge area, and will offer stunning VIP views of the nighttime show on the lake.

Talking about the lake, the area will be called “Adventure Bay” – I don’t hate that name but some have pointed that it’s already used in a kids animation program.

World of Frozen

The event was also the chance to release a new World of Frozen (name now official) from a different angle. Here we’re arriving from the right side over the swivel bridge which will occasional open to let the entertainment floats onto the Adventure Bay laguna. One thing about the media event is that it is giving us a more specific idea at the experience which hopefully will get this park closer to a “full day park”.

As construction powers through, we got a new photo from the land and a few sneak peeks at ongoing works on theming. It all looks lovely and will for sure be as we’ve now seen a version of the final product in Hong Kong.

The Land will of course feature Frozen Ever After as the only Attraction and here’s a new concept art. It will all be similar to Hong Kong, with some safety and local rules adaptations.

Natacha Rafalski and Tom Fitzgerald were on stage to take us through Disney Adventure World and turns out these two have a lot of chemistry. The presentation felt like a nice fireside chat between old friends.

Closing out this segment was a big character presentation with all the Disney Friends we will get to see in Disney Adventure World. So that’s it ! More news to come for this exciting transformation.

Disney Village

Next up we’re heading to Disney Village for new details about the incremental remodel aka rescue mission taking place over several years while the district remains open. First up we get to see a new design for the main thruway and the facade of “Disney Wonders” which will replace the Disney Store. The shop will feature all the main Disney Franchises.

As you can see they’re also recycling the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary sculptures. It’s a choice. They’ll also be placed all around Lake Disney.

As we walk further down, we will encounter a new vision for the Sports Bar. Gone are the pub vibes, we’re heading more towards a modern – hotel lounge kind of vibes. The venue does need a massive refresh and the choice of design is logical when viewed within the wider plan for the area.

Continuing down the street, it was revealed that Disney Gallery and Disney Fashion will combine into one large clothing and fashion accessories shop. Think Disney Style supercharged.

And finally the project that is the most advanced is the former Disney Fashion Jr. Space. It was revealed it will become a Disney “home goods” store with everything for your home and kitchen.

The current signage for the location is tempered and will soon be replaced by this light box featuring a wonderful piece of art reminiscent of the multipane camera.

The LEGO store will also get a new design, more in line with the new area theme. It’ll feature this cute photo location as well.

And finally we got to see a previously unreleased concept of Rosalie and surrounding areas from Lake Disney, closing this fantastic in-depth presentation for this side of the Disney Village thruway. All the new shop concepts except Disney Wonders will open this year. Lots more to be revealed of course so stay tuned for what’s best for Disney Village.

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch

Did you have Disney Davy Crockett Ranch on your bingo card ? Me neither ! The iconic forest escape will get refurbished this year! The bungalows will be progressively replaced and feature a new theme – the Junior Woodchuck!

What a fantastic idea and lovely design that will inspire nostalgia for the parents and excitement for the younger guests. More details to come on this next step for the Disney Hotels refurbishment project.


“Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland”

The crazy cookie but highly anticipated new production at the Theater of the Stars (formerly Moteurs Action) will premiere on May 25!

As part of the event we got to visit a showroom for a closer look at the costumes.

Look at this incredible “flower dancer” Dre’s. We also got to see the famous BMX. During the conference we were told the BMX performances would “work well” with the energy and the music. Can’t wait!

Here’s a listen to the theme song for the show “Welcome to Wonderland” and the choreo. The show has the potential to be so out of the box that it’s actually amazing in ways only Disneyland Paris can create.

On location, the huge stage setup was built with a combination of containers, stages, ramps and trampolines. It’s closer to the audience compared to Moteurs Action.

And here’s the “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” cast of character on stage at the media conference. Don’t be late, on May 25!

Scarlet Witch

Disney has also confirmed that Scarlet Witch will be appearing at Avengers Campus later this year. She will be part of a nighttime happening with Dr. Strange. She has been a highly requested character for Paris, so stay tuned for more details on her arrival.

What a fantastic look into everything in progress at Disneyland Paris, giving us a much more detailed and concrete look at everything that’s happening behind the scenes. We hope you enjoyed our coverage and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Disneyland Paris communications teams for their welcome and trust.
See you back here next week as we return to our regularly scheduled programming!

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