Review: “Frozen: a Musical Invitation” at Animation Celebration

Previously named The Art of Disney Animation – the attraction is back after a 10 month refurbishment and everything has changed including the name!

Animation Celebration welcomes some old favorites including your chance to sketch some of your favorite Disney friends and some new (or rather imported) pieces like the Toy Story Zoetrope.

The real headliner here is the brand new show “Frozen: A Musical Invitation”. Based on the 2013 smash hit the show debuts just in time for Frozen frenzy ahead of the sequel’s release on November 22nd.

Guests are greated with a little reminder of the events from the first film on the big screen before the doors burst open to reveal a quaint barn with Kristoff’s larger than life faithful friend – Sven! The animatronic is absolutely fantastic and is without a shadow of a doubt the best representation of the character that the Disney Parks have ever seen. Spoiler Alert – Sven is as fond of carrots as ever!

Without giving too much away the plot predictably follows those of previous Frozen shows including Frozen Sing-Along. Anna ropes Kristoff and the citizens of Arendelle in to surprise Elsa. Guest interaction is at its best here making guests feel at the heart of the action. The theatre is quite small which gives a great intimate feeling. You can literally get nose to nose with your favorite characters from the movie.

The set is stunning especially as you move on to Elsa’s ice palace. The performances are up to the high standards that Disneyland Paris has set for itself over the past few years. I would say that the problem is the same as in Mickey and the Magician – Let it Go is such an iconic song that sometimes it’s hard to live up to the original..

The show ends with a stellar ensemble piece which will convince even the most ardent of doubter.

It’s worthy to note that seating has been eliminated in favour of a a standing only offering.

I was admittedly sceptical about this change but the fact that you are up close and personal with the Frozen gang is absolutely worth it. Limited disabled seating is available.

In short, the show is not breaking new ground but it is bringing a sleek beautiful production which is a wonderful addition to Walt Disney Studios Park. The show brings a badly needed permanent show to the park as well as a frequently requested Frozen presence to the parks. This is a fantastic Frozen experience that is worthy of your time.

Check out more photos of the show in our gallery below:

“Frozen: A Musical Invitation” runs daily from November 17th and the “Frozen Celebration” season runs from January 11th to May 3rd 2020 

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