Halloween 2020 – Disney Villains Moments Selfie Spot

Despite Halloween launching on September 26, the Disney Villains were fashionably late and only arrived to Studio Theater on October 1 (let’s just say the Marvel Super Heroes were contracted until September 30 and everyone knows you don’t mess with Tony Stark).
The “same thing but make it spooky” recipe was applied to this offering and in a nutshell: it works! Let’s take a look..

Studio Theater

Once a beacon of technology hosting a wannabe-groundbreaking Super Heroes show and the promise of so much more has been reduced in recent years to a last minute Christmas show (ding dang dong.. or something) and movie previews. A real shame but with that said, the teams have done a great job repurposing the existing high tech setup for the Disney Villains!

Our protagonists enter with a dazzling little happening with lights, music, and a fun use of the LED screens.

From the LED Tunnel to the side projections, a lot of technology is used to create a very green and purple spooky yet dynamic ambiance.

You’ll also notice new graphics for the queue flags and the floor markers – adding to the collection!

The Disney Villains

Invitations definitely went out to all the classic Disney Villains you can normally encounter during the Halloween season! Guests will see 4 Villains per set in groups of 2 (screen 1 and screen 2) and will be able to take selfies and proper photos at a distance with the help of a PhotoPass Photographer.

Here’s the rest of the selection we had during 2 sets on opening day:

Interactions are fun (and from a distance of course) in a very similar way that the Marvel Super Heroes have been “meeting” Guests for selfies since reopening. Face character are able to interact to add a bit of shade and banter:

The Hall of Posters

In the queue area, the traditional poster board were filled with Villains versions – they are all awesome:

You’ll notice Hades is here – he was supposed to appear this year as we not so subtly hinted, but unfortunately he could not make the trip from the Underworld:

He’s rumored to be replaced by Lady Tremaine.

Overall a great job to allow Guests to safely and orderly meet their favorite Disney Villains, and a much needed new offering for Walt Disney Studios Park!

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