Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #73 – May 2-8, 2022

And we are back with our weekly recap of everything happening at Disneyland Paris! This week we celebrated “May the 4th.. Be With You”, welcomed Dr. Strange, tracked the latest progress at Avengers Campus and more!

May The 4th Be With You

May The 4th is of course a play on words that Disney has been capitalizing on worldwide and this year Disneyland Paris put together a really nice package of entertainment that went above expectations!

Boba Fett was one of the highlights of the day with a short but well produced happening on top of Starport which even included pyro! These kinds of happening bring life to the land and I hope we can get more of this.

Another popular guy was R2-D2 roaming Discoveryland. He was at times a bit overwhelmed by the number of Guests excited to see him.

Part of the offering was the First Order March – and Recruitment which featured Kylo Ren, largely an encore of the shows formerly produced at Walt Disney Studios.

A special guest inside Starport was Chewbacca but you needed a lot of patience to meet him or Darth Vador.

Guests could also pick up these fun stickers!

And a bit of signage and theming was sprinkled around the land.

In the MagicShot department, Grogu was back.

And in terms of food, a special shortbread cookie themed to Boba Fett as well as a chocolate medallion on the BB8 dessert were offered. Basic but nice to have given this would’ve been unheard of just a few years ago.

There was also a bit of special merchandise with these Star Wars Loubgefly backpacks at Star Traders.

In attendance were Guests who were exceptionally allowed to go all out on their Star Wars characters costumes for the day, and the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors who were practicing using The Force!

Overall a really fun day with a nice assortment of happenings!

Dr. Strange

What you say? Synergy with movie releases? At Disneyland Paris? Well yes it can happen and now with the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel backdrop (and soon Avengers Campus) it makes even more sense.

Dr. Strange comes by for a 5 min interaction with guests staying at the hotel on weekend evenings. Everyone in attendance loved it and played along. A great idea!

The synergy doesn’t end there. You can also taste a new “Multiverse of Madness” inspired cocktail at the Bleecker Street Lounge: the “Sands of Nisanti” is Gin, Violet liqueur, Elderflower Liqueur, Lime, Cranberry, Blueberry, Egg White, Blackcurrant, Crushed Biscuit and Honey – €16

Avengers Campus

It is down the the finer theming details at Avengers Campus even though there is still A LOT of work to be done. At the Spider-Man building we observed so many new details, from the queue livre to the building industrials lights , framing and signage for the lands shop where recruits will be able to buy all their mission equipment, and event a “Department of Damage Control” reference. Towards the front of the land, theming is complete on the logo “tower”. Part of all the little things that will make this land super fun to explore.

At the restaurant complex the theming is progressing nicely at PYM Labs with the installation of all the red “blades” and at the quick service location we can now see that the restaurant will be called “Stark Factory”!

At the meet and greet location “Hero Training Center” lights have been in testing. The facade features a semi transparent / reflective effect that should be pretty cool at night.

On the sidelines of the land, the Disney Channel building is being prepped to be repainted in new colors.

As part of the recurring process an updated logo featuring the MARVEL brand was unveiled. MARVEL Avengers Campus is the official name of the land in Paris.


Well over 15 years after opening, the Tower of Terror toilets have received signage!

Some enhancements at Crush’s Coaster as well with the addition of these seagulls which, unlike the ones inside, don’t animate.

Walls around the former Production Junkyard stage are still up, but that’s because they’re installing the Avengers Campus gates at the same time, just behind.

In the Fantasia Gardens, the entire middle section of the Disneyland Hotel is now behind walls for refurbishment. It’s needed but still sad to not be able to see the iconic entrance of the park for a little while.

Overall the works are progressing nicely!

The good news is that the original AP entrance is back!

Taking a look at the ongoing refurbishment of “it’s a small world” where not a whole lot seem to have happened to the facade so far.

Fire at Indiana Jones – we love to see it!

And it’s springtime around Lake Disney with a bit of cleaning and the new fantastic landscaping in front of the Disney arena which finally makes that bare hill more interesting to look at!


The DLP30 chocolate bars have arrived in shops! Guests can get a chance to win over 700 prizes including VIP tours, stays, merchandise etc if they find the golden ticket! So far we haven’t heard of anyone winning so as they say… it’s chocolate. They retail for €5.

In weekly DLP30 merchandise arrivals we’ve got the cutest Chip and Dale plush duo (€28) and the not all cute items from the “urban” collection with a backpack (€40) and some pouches. Do they sell any of these ?

Star Traders had this cute Mandalorian cup.

And Disney Fashion released this new leopard print Loungefly bag (€80)

At Disney Gallery you can now find all sorts of interesting Disney books, in English!

And the LEGO Store was also celebrating May The 4th with this awesome Landspeeder model (€199)


Our team got the chance to tag along for the rehearsals and production of the latest AP night. Discover the stories of the magic makers who created the event.

And finally, Infinity AP holders are invited to a private screening of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at Studio Theater on May 16 and 17. The screening will be in French.

And that’s a wrap for this week of Disneyland Paris News! See you back here again next week for the roundup of everything happening at the Resort!

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