Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #156 – Feb 26-March 3, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLPReport! It’s another quiet week news-wise at the Resort with school holiday ongoing, but projects are ticking along. Let’s take a look!

Nighttime Cashtime

Starting March 28, Guests who wish to pay for reserved premium viewing spots will be able to do so for Disney Dreams, but also Disney Stars on Parade.

The €19 will guarantee a “good spot” for both shows, although it remains unclear where the Disney Dreams spot will be. If it’s the former Infinity area, that zone is WAY too close for a good drone show experience (the only interesting thing at night these days, let’s be honest). As for Stars on Parade, it may be useful on very busy days but otherwise it’s pretty easy to find a spot along the route. I will not say anything about the parade itself, to remain polite.

In the end, we (frequent visitors) are not the target of these products. Just like the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Premier Access (or most DPA for that matter), this is aimed at Guests who won’t be coming back anytime soon and/or want to have an extra special day. It will probably sell very well.

But that’s not all- more changes are coming to the nighttime slot, this time as a test from March 3-8: the show will be played twice. Once at 7:30p without any pyrotechnics and once at park closing time (10p) as usual with all the effects that are left on this show. It seems this initiative is aimed at families with younger children who otherwise may not see the show at all. But what kind of experience are they getting? And why is this a priority ? Let’s see how it goes – we’ve had reactions from both camp yay and camp nay on social media.

Construction and Refurbishments

We’ve got some fantastic shots of the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion site this week!

There’s quite a lot going at the Frozen theme land, from growing buildings to added theming.

Good progress is also being made in and around the Walt Disney Studios Lake and marina which are slowly filling up. The rockwork looks great!
Structures are appearing for the multi-level viewing areas, and closer to the front, the lakeside restaurant and bar is taking shape.

On the front end of the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion site, work continues on the Tangled attraction, and the building that will host a snack location / restrooms / control room for shows is starting to come together.

The back side of cardboard – not for long.

In Front Lot, work continues at the Studio Store. The location will reopen mid April just in time for all the shops untied Studio 1 to close.

And at the Walt Disney Studios Park entrance, new signage for the lanes.

Over at Disney Village the remodel / repaving works by World of Disney, and along the main thruway are advancing. They are not joking around.

And at night, it’s a vibe.

Over across the main thruway, this is the sad state of things. Temporary of course but ouch.

Also at Disney Village, access to the “Dome” tent has been moved to clear the area in front of the venue. This is about the area where the new McDonalds will go.

If you’re looking for a relaxing break. Look no further than this actual construction site.

At Disneyland Park, we got a first look at theming for the new snack across Big Thunder Mountain – it’s gonna be a Coach Station!

And we take a look at Boardwalk Candy Palace which has been relatively untouched since 1992 and may get some changes soon. They’re nuts to touch this gorgeous location!

And this week we also welcome back from refurbishment: Walt’s! No big changes, not event on the menu.

This and That..

The Mandalorian will return to Discoveryland from March 4.
No end date is known for the moment.


And a special pre parade was held Friday for “Global Recognition Week”, honoring Cast Members for all they do each and every day.

That’s our look at everything happening this week at Disneyland Paris ! See you again next time for more news from the Resort.

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