Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #155 – Feb 19-25, 2024.

Hello and welcome to a new edition of the DLP Report! With school holidays ongoing and the general holding pattern the Resort has entered, this is gonna be a quick read!

Walls, Walls, Walls

At Walt Disney Studios Park, walls have moved forward to prepare for the removal of the varnished cutout buildings. These set pieces, built on a tiny budget according to Jim, have been a staple of Walt Disney Studios Park – one of the first things people see. They won’t be replaced by actual buildings sadly but will be making way for the landscaped avenue and its various themed gardens, statues and photo locations. The end of an era.

Here they are for the archive as we don’t know when they’ll suddenly disappear.

Next door at Animation Celebration more elements have been clipped away from the structure, including the bronze statues. They’ll reappear later around a new planter.

With walls everywhere it was cool to see this Tower of Terror billboard. Works to remodel Hollywood Blvd, Studio 1, Toon Studio and Production Courtyard are scheduled to extend well into 2025, with Studio 1 closing April 25 and the rest of the works moving around for an entire year.

It’s also a mess at Disney Village which is being remodeled until around 2026/2027. The current section includes a roped off area by World of Disney with all sorts of bottlenecks.

Walls are also up by the security gates as crews finalize this section of pavement and fencing.

Of course all of this is necessary for the resort to blossom to its full potential, but damn.

Construction and Refurbishments

Disney Clothiers is closed for refurbishment until the end of next week.

And the “Lamp” photo location in Adventureland has reopened after a freshen up.

Happy Birthday LEGO Store

You know it’s a slow news week when the biggest event is the LEGO Store 10th Anniversary. LEGO is such a beloved brand who has really managed to positively leverage their collaboration with Disney for a long time. The Disney Village shop is pretty unique for the region and always so fun to visit. The staff organized free LEGO cake making, gift bags, makeup, activities and more.

There was even a character appearance. Yes he could use a bit of ironing but the effort is appreciated. Happy Birthday!

This and That..

“Peach Punch” is a new “color” collection of merchandise – are we still doing those? It includes a Spirit Jersey (€70), Loungefly bag (€100), headband (€25). You can find all this at Disney Fashion and other clothing locations.

And that’s a wrap for this quiet February week at the Resort. Thanks for reading and see you next time with more news!

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