Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #154 – Feb 5-18, 2024.

We are back with a 2-week edition after a break last week, covering the disjointed launch of the rest of “Symphony of Colours”, Valentines Day, a new Premier Access, and more. Let’s take a look!

Cacophony of Colours

This winter, “Symphony of Colours” groups together offerings that don’t really have anything in common, or anything particularly colorful: a nostalgic drone show (Disney Electrical Sky Parade), random “winter to spring” fairy decorations and a show that doesn’t really know what story it’s trying to tell us, “A Million Splashes of Colour”.

The Weather Channel

One team decided to create some “spring to winter” themed decorations for Main Street and so that’s that. They’re not particularly well executed, not shocking either. You can’t meet Tinker Bell or any of the fairies. They have nothing to do with Disney Electrical Sky Parade, “A Million Splashes of Colour” or really “Symphony of Colours” as a whole. Seems someone really wanted to do this and got their way.

The nighttime version is slightly cooler with “glowing” effects but still pretty puzzling. Why here? Why now? Why.

Along Main Street, poles with screens were installed and I’ll admit I kinda like those. They’re sort of organic and art nouveau at the same time and it’s nice to see the holes from the old winter lights are being used again. They display various characters that aren’t all in any of the shows. Again, why?

“A Million Splashes of Colour”

In “A Million Splashes of Colour”, Disney Friends dance to music. That’s the only story I could extract for this show. It’s a wanna be Dream and Shine Brighter tuned to a theme song that is catchy but clearly a demo reused from the 30th Anniversary as it contains all the same elements. The show stop is a messy mix of various songs that switch every few seconds, some relating to stories or characters that aren’t even part of the show (Frozen 2?). It’s confusing and hard to follow along.

The floats are well made but arguably less colorful than any other show we’ve had. They’re actually very white – maybe they’ll look better in the summer but so far it’s more a dozen splashes of colour.

This is not to say the show isn’t fun. Disneyland Paris has perfect the art of the hub show and all the ingredients are here again for an enjoyable experience. Disney Friends have new modern-pop outfits, performers are great and the production overall brings the party spirit to Central Plaza.

The show notably introduce Asha and Mirabel as regulars on the parade route in Paris.

Unlike Dream and Shine brighter, the dancer’s costumes are a lot more standardized, taking away from the ability of the cast to express individuality, which feels a bit like a step backwards.

Natacha Rafalski and Co. came to check out the show on opening weekend, likely the last new parade route production to premiere under her reign.

In a way all these confusing productions reflect the state of limbo the Resort is in currently, filling gaps while we wait for bigger better (?) things. And it will continue to get confusing with the seemingly random Alice in Wonderland production at Walt Disney Studios Park later this spring. We’re all mad, here – might as well embrace it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: €5.

The latest Disney Premier Access Attraction is Pirates of the Caribbean. The lovely themed entrance and queue opened this week. This project has a budget and it show, with impeccable theming and careful planning – you can tell this product is a money maker.

The entire Pirates of the Caribbean queuing system was redesigned and the new DPA queue also can be used for accessible Guests which should alleviate the constant mess of the unloading area and exit.

Check out our full walkthrough of the queue at night for a look at all the little details. DPA at Pirates of the Caribbean is now available for €5 (subject to seasonal variations)

Valentines Day

The champagne bar was back this week in celebration of the capitalism of love: Valentines Day. Do you really love them if you’re not spending €20 on a plastic glass of cheap champagne?

Disney Friends celebrated as well with iconic couples – and thropples – out to meet Guests on the special day.

Over at the Disney Hotels the balloon hearts were back this year..

And Captain Quarters at Disney Newport Bay Club decided to offer a cute special pastry and drink.

Construction and Refurbishments

Lots of cool progress at the Walt Disney Studios expansion:

  • Facades unveiled at Frozen themed land incl. the shop
  • Clocktower under scaffolding taking shape
  • Lake has started filling up, it’ll take months
  • Tangled ride system almost complete
  • Lakeside restaurant and bar coming together

However don’t get your hopes up, this is not particularly “going faster”, and it is now becoming unclear if the project will make it for anytime in 2025.

In Frontierland we got a first look at the sign I’m for “Overland Trail Cafe”, the new permanent snack location across from Big Thunder Mountain.

And here’s a peek at the actual structure, perfectly themed for the land – well done!

Over at Main Street Station, the dedication plaque was removed for refurbishment, leading to many fun memes.

And at the main train station, the new Avis / Budget location has been unveiled.

This and That..

Last week Disneyland Paris put in place a card system to start allowing a number of poor people inside the Disneyland Hotel.

I guess the card system wasn’t working as this week they have revived the Lineberty platform everyone loves to hate for the purpose of allowing people in. The platform opens at 9 and you have a 1 hour slot allocated to enter the holy property.

It’s been a chaotic few weeks for the Disneyland Hotel between the “outside guest access” drama and a high number of complaints from hotel guests who have also been lashing out on Trip Advisor about the poor service and many issues Guests should not expect to have to deal with at this very high price point. It seems the property has only earned its 5th star on paper so far, but it’s not too late to make positive change.

A new themed dessert at Bistrot Chez Rémy! On the outside it’s a piece of cheese, inside it’s raspberry mousse cake.

And here it is being cut into. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s cute and can’t complain about more themed food!

And that’s our wrap up of everything new at Disneyland Paris these last couple weeks. Thanks as always for reading and sharing, and I will see you again next time with more news!

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