Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #153 – Jan 29-Feb 4, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLP Report! This week all eyes were once again on the Disneyland Hotel for the official reopening event. We also have our first look at the “Symphony of Colours” decor, and of course keep track of the many project. Let’s go!

Disneyland Hotel Media Event

Although the hotel has been opened to Guests for about 10 days, this past weekend it was closed off to everyone except invited media Guests, as the Resort showcases and celebrates the reopening of their crown jewel property – pun intended. We were lucky to be amongst the attendees, hosted by Disneyland Paris Insidears.

On top of experiencing the hotel once again, this was the opportunity for us to cover the reopening ceremony and tour the Suites which are not usually open to tours.

Grand Reopening Ceremony

A two part extravaganza on Saturday started off with a Royal Ball, featuring the Royal Couples including some rarely seen Princesses like Pocahontas.

You can watch our video of this well orchestrated and let’s say very precisely choreographed short show above.

We were then moved outside for opening remarks by Disneyland Paris president Natacha Rafalski and the first ever projection mapping on a Disney Hotel in Paris.

The show (video above) featured classic animation in a flurry of lights and sparked ignited by who else but Fairy Godmother. While the show was great, it appears some of the rumored fireworks or possibly drones did not materialize in the end.

The Suite Life of..

The Sleeping Beauty suite at the Disneyland Hotel, complete with your own armor and Sleeping Beauty dress with magical effects.

The Frozen Signature Suite (not to be confused with the larger Royal Suite, also themed to Frozen). It’s more streamlined but features plenty of little details reminiscent of Arendelle.

The lovely Tangled Signature Suite with of course: lanterns!

And of course the Royal Suite Frozen, the ultimate luxury accommodation at Disneyland Paris.

Elsa has stopped by to welcome us to the Royal Suite Frozen at the Disneyland Hotel, the most luxurious suite of the Resort.

The grand piano is still here, with the famous signatures hidden underneath.

And of course one of the big selling points is THIS absolutely insane view.


Disney Friends were of course out to play in every corner of the hotel, including Fairy Godmother!

Disneyland Paris President Natacha Rafalski was also available to greet Guests and of course the Disney Friends.


We got another try at the Royal Banquet, which is typical Disneyland Paris buffet, slightly elevated and themed. Again, pretty good food but nothing really “wow” here.

And we also tried some of the cocktails at Fleur de Lys:

  • Champagne Coronation: Moët Rosé, St Germain, Lychee, Raspberry, Rose Biscuit,
  • Purple Pepper: Noble Coyote Mezcal – Espadin, Blueberry, Violet, Paragon White Pepper, Egg White.

They are outstanding, and refined. Worth €28 each? Maybe not.

“Symphony of Colours”

With the Disneyland Hotel OPEN, we move on to the next tornado of coverage, “Symphony of Colours” decorations and “A Million Splashes of Colours” starring Feb 10.

Main Street Station received her another overlay – it’s cute. The concept is the slow change from winter (represented by Periwinkle) and Spring (hosted by Tink). The entire set of decorations reflects this idea I like to call DEFROSTED.

The defrosted concept is showcased in Town Square, Main Street and Central Plaza. It’s still a work in progress but so far it’s kind of plastic. The flowers will light up at night so that should be magical!

While “defrosted” doesn’t appear to have anything AT ALL to do with “A Million Splashes of Colours” (what an interesting choice – did two teams not talk to each other ?), the most fun landscaping we ever had on Central Plaza really DOES, as it features literal splashes of color. Another super cool idea from the landscaping team.

Construction and Refurbishments

This week we got a first look INSIDE the Frozen Attraction show building, posted by a supplier who is likely in a lot of troubles for not following the extremely strict rules of the site.

From the outside, progress has been made in the Rapunzel attraction, Arendelle, and the lake which is close to being filled up.

Also at Walt Disney Studios Park: Flying Carpets continues to get dismantled. Sadly it’s coming back.

We’ve also learned that En Coulisse is set to close April 25 which is possibly when Studio 1 will close as well.

At Disneyland Park Big Thunder Mountain has closed for refurbishment and intensive work has started, until March 15. Crossing fingers this fixed some of the numerous issues with this fast aging attraction.

Some of the refurbished Castle Courtyard buildings got unveiled and they look fantastic!

In Adventureland, the Pirates of the Caribbean Premier Access entrance has received signage and is almost ready for prime time.

And at Disney Village, work has moved on to the remodeling for the main thruway and the front entrance gates. It’s a lot of walls.

What a wide range of news and projects this week! Thank you for reading and sharing as always and I will see you again next time for all the latest from Disneyland Paris!

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