Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #151 – Jan 15-21, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLP Report! It’s the calm before the “royal” storm at the Resort but we did get one storm in the form of snow! Let’s take a look..

Let it Snow

Who doesn’t love Disneyland Paris in the snow? This week a light blanket of white covered the Resort. It wasn’t the biggest snow fall we’ve had but it was still lovely to experience the lands in these unusual conditions! Here are photos from around both parks:

Disneyland Hotel

After almost 4 years of closure, we are just days away from the reopening of the Disneyland Hotel. Everything has been remodeled inside.

As the hotel entered the test and adjust phase this week, walls were removed around the Fantasia Gardens, reopening areas that have been walled off for a long long time.

Cast Members were allowed to take photos in one very specific spot only: the lobby fireplace, revealing the new art that is displayed just above: a drawing of Sleeping Beauty Castle that has certainly opened a lot of conversation on social media, as replacements of perfectly good existing things often do.

The Disneyland Hotel opens Thursday, January 25.

Plaza Drama

With the renovation of Station Plaza (the area between the Disneyland Hotel and Main Street Station), we knew the Euro Disneyland Railroad plaque had been removed.

This week the new design has been unveiled: a stylized pattern of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The change also opened up a lot of conversation on social media between fans who love it and fans who think Sleeping Beauty Castle doesn’t need to be plastered everywhere. In reality the plaque is not extremely noticeable and most guests will probably enjoy the new design, not to mention guests staying or dining at the Disneyland Hotel.

Construction and Maintenance

Sometimes we also like to take Walt Disney Studios Park expansion updates from the ground to get those unique perspective and scale. Look at the unfinished North Mountain with actual snow on it – almost looks finished – and two tall new walls for the lakeside restaurant.

From the air we get more details of the lake which is still not being filled despite residual water, progress on closing up the Frozen show building and Arendelle town coming together. Still a lot to do.

Staying at Walt Disney Studios Park, new door handles were installed at Studio 1 – maybe a taste of the style to come for the remodeled area. Studios 1 closes late April.

At Disney Village, it’s visible the end of the road for Cool Stop.

Not a lot of visible activity at Disneyland Park. These searchlights were installed on the Central Plaza stages for the winter edition of “Magic Over Disney”. The show will also be before on Jan 22 and 24, and then likely return in the fall for bonfire nights.

Virtual MagicPass

Virtual Magic Passes were officially rolled out this week. The new feature allows guests to check in remotely and download their magic pass without having to stop at the front desk at all. However the digital room key project for Disneyland Hotel and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is delayed, so all Guests will still need to stop by for a physical card to open their room once it is ready at all hotels for the time being.

This and That..

Brigitte Macron stopped by the Resort this week as part of the “Pieces Jaunes” charity drive, collecting funds soft children in hospitals. A number of children spent the day in the parks with the Disney Voluntears.

The group attended amongst other things a showing of “TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure”, and met with footballer Didier Deschamps.

And that’s everything happening at Disneyland Paris this week! We will see you back here next week with a special edition focused of course, on the Disneyland Hotel.

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