Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #149 – Dec 25, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024.

Happy New Year everyone! And welcome back to the DLP Report. It’s been a fun couple weeks with the end of year celebration and as a result lighter on news but let’s take a look!

New Years Eve

This year was the first time in forever that Disneyland Paris opted to not have a hard ticket event. There hasn’t been any reason given but my guess is the work and costs involved versus profit and guest satisfaction is simply not worth the effort for the company. Nevertheless there was a few things planned for Guests celebrating at the Resort, regular valid admission style.

Earlier in the day, Champagne bars were setup in both parks. At €20 a pop, no one was gonna get too drunk, that’s for sure!

Walt Disney Studios Park chose violence with this mapping of “Mission Breakout” for Tower of Terror. No, it doesn’t “mean” anything but it sure did push a lot of people’s buttons!

Entertainment for the night was appearances by the GOTG, an adaptation of their usual dance off. Between segments a DJ was playing some pretty fun music and well we actually had a great time bopping around. Sometimes it’s the simplest productions that are the most fun.

At midnight, the “no drones” version of “Avengers: Power the Night” was performed due to pretty insane winds and sadly the big “2024” that was planned to appear in the sky also could not materialize. A bit of a wah-wah moment for this side of the Resort but that’s the bet they make with drone technology!

Next door at Disneyland Park the offering was a bit more traditional. This is definitely where everyone was – literally everyone. Complete gridlock, causing fights and all sorts of safety issues. We need “no stopping” circulation corridors to section off these crowds and move Guests who need to move, like at the American parks. One day there will be an accident during these types of overcrowded nights and management will be sorry they didn’t act.

With that said and sorry for the rant, the fireworks were lovely with large bombs illuminating the sky.

Check out the show in our video above. The only downer maybe was the stock elevator music that came with it.

Central Plaza finished the night with some old school bangers from disco to YMCA, with matching lighting on Sleeping Beauty Castle. This was also a ton of fun – again, simple fun!

In the merch department, a whole bunch of 2024 pins came out, and the design works better than on clothes let’s say.

Magic Mobile

Something’s brewing the the Disneyland Paris IT system and let’s hope everything and everyone is ready. From the reopening of the Disneyland Hotel, Magic Passes will become optionally virtual in the app – a on stop shop for tickets, vouchers, and even open the door to your room at Disneyland Hotel and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

As part of the revamp, physical Magic Passes have also all been redesigned and customized for each hotel. A little touch of Magic that makes a difference. Well done!

Construction and refurbishments

The Walt Disney Studios Park expansion is ticking along and yes I mean the tick tock from Anna.

  • Frozen show building is being sealed
  • Some Arendelle buildings almost done, Castle progressing,
  • First walls for the lakeside restaurant!
  • Lake rock work and theming,
  • Circular walls for Rapunzel attraction pit.

It’s gonna take a while kids so.. I don’t know, breathe, meditate.

Staying at Walt Disney Studios Park, Front Lot is getting ready for the next phase of remodel.

Some random Disco Drama as the Videopolis sign .. got bent.

It’s been removed for repairs. Videopolis is due for a refurbishment in the near-ish future.

Staying in Discoveryland where a new Star Wars photo location is being built and will open Jan 8.

Over on Main Street, projectors have been installed in the windows likely to project shapes during the Disney Electrical Sky Parade.

Talking about long projects, more themed tarps an a nene added in Castle Courtyard.

In Adventureland, a wooden structure had been added to the upcoming Disney Premier Access queue.

And over at the Disneyland Railroad, signs inform often disappointed Guests that the train doesn’t stop at all the stations.

Outside the parks the entrance roundabout has received royal landscaping. Not long to go now for the Disneyland Hotel reopening and our very special coverage!

Spoons and Keys and Kitchen Sinks

We had the keys – what will they think of next ? Spoons of course ! A new Auberge de Cendrillon and Bistrot Chez Remy key are now available for €39and only to diners of each location.

Walt’s however didn’t get a spoon, it got a key (€29)- what is this logic! Joke aside they are all very nice designs and lovely collectible if you are into it.

This and That

On January 7 we said goodbye to the Christmas season and some the wonderful shows and performers. Thank you everyone for another year of holiday magic.

And to top off the season.. real snow hit the Resort on Sunday night. What a wonderful surprise.

Thanks for joining on this first article of 224! I will see you again next time with more news and the premiere of the first production of the “Symphony of Colours” season: the highly anticipated Disney Electrical Sky Parade!

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