Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #147 – Dec 4-10, 2023

Welcome back! The big news this week is the opening of Brasserie Rosalie. We also cover the Disneyland Hotel, Avis and more. Let’s go!

Miss Rose

A pretty quick turnaround overall for the transformation of Cafe Mickey into Brasserie Rosalie – now open!

From the outside the place still has the same shape but is otherwise unrecognizable as it was completely gutted and redone. We also get a first look at the new paving for Disney Village – much much better than the concrete patchwork.

Here’s the full food and drink menu for the location.

There is also a special offering for “Le Comptoir”, the takeaway counter, which brings a much needed new breakfast option on the way to the parks.

Here’s a look at “Le Comptoir” and some of the items for sale.

Inside the restaurant, category is Parisian realness. In the same way as Disney Springs or Downtown Disney, Brasserie Rosalie brings a unique themed experience to the district, but not Disney themed. Ultimately, Disney Village will welcome various concepts that provide options for guests from various high quality third parties. I almost wanna say Brasserie Rosalie is the Parisian themed venue at Disney Village like The Boathouse is the Florida themed venue at Disney Springs.

The restaurant also features an impressive permanent display of seafood, all available on the menu of course, which gives the brand new space a sense of authenticity and legitimacy.

If you prefer a seated breakfast, it’s also available inside from 8am with various classic French options.

For lunch we tried the lunch option – Monday to Friday which is pretty good value for the quality and table service. Of course this is not McDonald’s so don’t expect those prices here.

We also tried quite a few items on the all day menu:

  • Chicken supreme w/ Dauphinois potatoes (€25)
  • Mussels with Chablis (€19.50)
  • Normandy Beef Tartare with Fries (€24.50)

Everything was really delicious. A big upgrade in terms of the options available at Disney Village for a nice meal.

Theres always room for dessert and the bourbon vanilla crème brûlée is the star here you must try it (€9.50). Other desserts are also nice but maybe priced a bit high up to €12.

Wait no – the saying is there’s always room for cocktails. We tried some of the Brasserie Rosalie signature cocktails:

  • Fleur de Vignes: Citadelle gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, hibiscus syrup, champagne, lemon (€15)
  • Passion Soudaine: dark rum, passionfruit liqueur, ginger syrup, La French ginger beer (€13)

No DLPReport review would be complete without the restrooms so there you have them – they’re pretty nice, with floor to ceiling cubicles.

So there you have it – Rosalie, a lovely little Parisian brasserie with nice food. Thank you to the staff who welcomed us during our (many) visits!

Disneyland Hotel

Not long now! The Disneyland Hotel reopens with its new royal incarnation on January 25 and this week, the popcorn lights were in testing! Good to see them again.

Activity is particularly visible at night with so many windows lit up. Inside , a glimpse at the furniture ,curtains and lighting being installed.

Under the hotel, the Castle Club elevator is back in service. How exciting!

Walt Disney Imagineering also shared some details of the wonderful artwork pieces that are also making their ways on the walls, the ceilings and in the rooms.


It’s been a busy few weeks at Autopia with new signage being installed for Official Partner Avis as well as several billboard covered along the tracks for a makeover that will likely include the new branding.

Avis will officially sponsor the attraction from Monday Dec 18 and for the occasion, a new Attraction poster has been unveiled. The first 100 Guests on Dec 18 can also receive a copy of the poster as well as a lanyard. And a new “driving license” will also be available for drivers.

Construction and Refurbishments

Your regular update on the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion.

LEDs have returned to Sleeping Beauty Castle, likely for the Disney Electrical Sky Parade. However the turrets are still heavily damaged. How sad for a refurbishment that was so heavily lauded in the company’s media releases at the time.

THE ROCK is here. Not Dwayne Johnson no. The fake rock for some of the technical equipment and testing of the Disney Electrical Sky Parade.

It’s actually not so obvious from most angles.

Another set of stairs has been refurbished and put up to safety code. This time in Adventureland.

And this past week saw yet another emptying, reform and refilling of the Discoveryland basins.

And that’s our look at everything happening this week at Disneyland Paris. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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