Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #145/46 – Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2023

Welcome to a new edition of the DLP Report! After a short break we are back with the latest: Frozen celebration, Christmas Night event, plus some character news and of course an update on projects.

Frozen Turns 10

Can you believe it’s been 10 YEARS ? Me neither. To mark the occasion, Disneyland Paris organized a short happening all this week along the parade route, using the float from Stars on Parade which isn’t running during the Christmas period. Someone put their thinking cap on and noticed this is the anniversary of the first movie and so the newer float isn’t used.

What would any celebration be without a MagicShot. This one is the second animated one at the Resort.

And someone went and updated the screen at Animation Celebration.

So – a cute little happening, more of a “hey we thought about it” than “let’s change lives”.

Christmas Night

This week was another Disneyland Pass / AP event and it didn’t sell out ! Possibly because it was on a Thursday (Fridays are booked ages in advance by corporations for their Christmas events) but also because that’s the new approach hear me out: these parties are moving away from the mega WOW factors and instead aim to offer a private address to the park with lots of characters, exclusive pop-up and revival shows, and a nice theme. In that respect, it was a success.

Look at all these characters! Many rare. Yes it was mostly in a “selfie spot” setting which still ruffles some feathers with the die hard meet and greet fans but they did interact and pose with guests, albeit in a more informal setting (and often bad lighting). Highlights included Carl from Up, Mittens and Bolt, Louis and characters from Treasure Island. These nights are a good time to bring out these characters who may not really resonate with regular guests but sure do with fans.

The night started with a christmassy opening show :

Other popup shows included a revival of Mickey’s Winter Wonderland – what a THEOWBACK

A Beauty and the Beast show on Central Plaza:

A stage version of Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade because why not !

And of course a closing show.

So – Christmas Night. It definitely fit with the idea of providing pass holders with a night to gather and enjoy the parks under a different light. Was it the party of the lifetime – maybe not – but it was fun and creative with a lot of throwbacks.

The next party will take place on March 22, 2024. See you then!


Disney Princesses were out and about outdoors this week as the Princess Pavilion was closed for refurbishment. As Carrie would say, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is not a better experience for guests. The Princess Pavilion is cramped, outdated and all around a mediocre experience. It needs a bigger space and to leverage the type of tech used at the Hero Training Center – there I said it.

Also in Character news, this week Disneyland Paris welcomes Asha from Wish at Animation Celebration until early January.

She’s a STAR! And the set is lovely.


Brasserie Rosalie is set for a December 8 soft opening, and social media accounts for the “brand” have popped up. As a reminder this is a partnership with Disney but not directly created or ran by Disney.

On the ground, crews are applying the last theming details. It looks pretty cool! The idea is here not to look like the parks. The parks are paid and have all the Magic, Disney Village is free and is a nice modern place to spend time when not at the hotels or parks. In that respect , Rosalie does the job by providing a first look at the design clues of the new Disney Village and also the district’s first upscale restaurant. Now let’s see the menu!

Construction and Refurbishments

This week we got a first look at new pavers that are being used as part of the Production Courtyard remodel. They’re reminiscent of the Cara Road Trip area and the hexagon shape kinda does a good job linking to Avengers Campus / WEB.

Your regular look at the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion organized mess. Lots to do in the next couple years.

The official account posted this congratulations photo for HKDL which opened World of Frozen recently y a chance to see details of where we are with facades in Paris.

In the Walt Disney Studios Park entrance, walls are down around the remodel of this building, used for Cast Members and security staff.

Over at Disneyland Park, theming fell off the Toad Hall facade. Yep yep. Nets have been installed.

And stairs safety adjustments and refurbishments continue with one project wrapping up in Fantasyland and another one starting at Colonel Hathi’s in Adventureland.

This and That..

Can bad get worse ? Always when it’s food at Disneyland Paris. The food is still average at best but the prices have gone up again, in an obvious or hidden way:

  • Quick Service Restaurant menus are up €1 across the board
  • Many Quick Service A La Carte dishes are down €1, but they no longer come with a side, which must now be added on top for €3.50 to €4.30

Friends & Fam tickets are back for Disneyland Pass Holders on a limited time basis: 1 day/2 parks tix starting at €41 for visits between Jan 7 – Mar 8, 2024. Book online starting today.
Room-only Disney Hotels (full price) will also be available to book online from early December.

And the “Pop Up Surprises” will return in January in the same space, with “new duos of rare and iconic Characters in bespoke settings”.
Online reservations will open early Jan, for up to 4 holders at a time (no non-holder guests).

Thank you for joining us for our wrap up of the latest happenings at Disneyland Paris. See you next time for a new update!

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