Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #140/41 – October 3-15, 2023

Welcome back to a new DLP Report! A combined edition to fit the news cycle. This time we cover a number of updates unveiled for attractions and shows, the Disneyland Hotel showroom, Halloween additions and more. Let’s go!

What a Concept!

On a peaceful Saturday morning, Disneyland Paris released new concept art for the drone show that will be replacing Disney D-Light in January as part of the “Harmony of Colors” entertainment… era… theme.. grouping thing. The show will be reminiscent of the Main Street Electrical Parade but in the sky and here we see one of the iconic units in drones.

Concept was also released for two new scenes that will replace old scenes in “Pays des Contes de Fées” in 2024.

Peter and the Wolf > Frozen
Hansel and Gretzel > Pooh

The big news is also that this is part of a complete refurbishment of the attraction which is looking really faded and in disrepair.

Next up, and after “Casa de Coco”, the next restaurant terrasse weatherproofing will be Casey’s Corner with this beautiful disk concept art.

The style will fit with the Main Street theme and the nearby character location will also get a lovely new gazebo. Disneyland Paris, land of gazebos. The covered terrasse will bring such much needed covered dining capacity to Casey’s Corner and also allow Cast Members to restrict seating to Guests who have purchased food at the location.

Here’s a view of the terrace now – it will be – big change !

The next site in the weatherproofing project will be an attraction queue: Tower of Terror. The Rose Garden will be partially covered – like in California. Also much needed with a much better looking tiled floor.

Here’s what it looks now. Someone bring the power washer please.

No concept was released for it but the next project after Tower of Terror will be Peter Pan’s Flight.

Disneyland Hotel Preview

This week, Disneyland Paris Cast Members got to see more details of the Disneyland Hotel at a special showroom in the Disney Village Dome. Some of the items in the show were the costumes (above)..

Note that this greeter costume is available to everyone no matter the gender identity.

The luxury bedding and amenities..

Some of the merchandise..

And some of the art that will be on display in the regular rooms.

Mickey and Minnie also made an appearance to showcase their new costume for the “Royal Banquet “ restaurant. The re-imagined Disneyland Hotel opens January 25, 2024.

Mission Save Halloween

Despite the season being well underway, a new happening has debuted near Castle Stage and in Discoveryland : Mission Citrouilles (the “pumpkins mission”) where guests build various giant props with the help of Disney Characters through the day.

The upside is that you can see Disney characters including Devil Donald. But on the other hand it all feels really like a cheap afterthought and not to the standard of Disney Parks. The Cast Members are lovely and trying their best to make fetch happen but sadly nothing can save the concept.

Over at the Val d’Europe mall, Disneyland Paris is hosting a pop up activation which is pretty well done for a mall project. it features musical entertainment on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Construction and Refurbishments

We took a look at the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion project:

  • the Frozen themed land continues to come together with more facade and roof shapes, walkways and stairs
  • concrete slab for the Tangled spinner
  • walls and utilities for the landscaped avenue.

Staying at Walt Disney Studios Park where remodel work continues around Hollywood Blvd. The Toon Studio sign and podium is gone and so are the trees around one side of Studio 1.

Not a ton of big projects at the moment in Disneyland Park, Lilly’s Boutique has partially closed for refurbishment.

At Disney Village, lights have even added to the Billy Bob’s Buffet sign. Hopefully all these temporary patches will disappear once the Disney Village remodel is complete.

And over at Disney Sequoia Lodge, fall has arrived with the new photo location backdrop!

This and That…

We met the lovely voice artist Bret Iwan, known for working with Mickey in English!

And the DLP30 vinyl collectible “Euro Disney: L’Album Officiel” is now available digitally for streaming on your favorite platform.

On our next edition we will be covering the #Disney100 day of celebration, taking place on October 16.

Thanks for joining us as always, here and everyday on our social media platforms. See you next time!

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