Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #120 – May 1-7, 2023

Welcome back to a new DLP Report! It’s been an eventful week with the grand return of ‘it’s a small world’, the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, and May The 4th. Plus the latest refurbishments and news. Let’s take a look!

‘it’s a small world’

After 15 months of refurbishment, ‘it’s a small world’ is finally back open this week. The attraction has gotten a nice coat of paint, fresh doll outfits, enhanced lighting and general show upgrades but the bulk of the work happened behind the scenes with new HVAC systems and structural repairs. This is part of necessary works that have been needed in most last show buildings as the Resort enters its 4th decade.

On the outdoor part, the queue has been refreshed, the fountain repaired for the millionth time, the control tower remodeled and the loading area redone.

The refurbishment was also the chance to add Premier Access service. As with other high capacity attractions, the goal of the service here isn’t to sell a ton of €5 single tickets but rather to be able to use this as a selling point for the larger bundles products like Disney Premier Access Ultimate. The longer the list, the mower valuable it looks to unsuspecting Guests.

Inside the attraction, many of the dolls outfits were upgraded, but the most visible change might be the arrival of several dolls in wheelchairs, as part of the Resort’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The attraction looks bright and crisp and runs like clockwork. A really nice job ! Check out our full POV below!

A lot of the Kinetic effects on the ceiling have also been refurbished and put back in service – although some of them are still hit or miss.

A re-opening ceremony was held on May 5 with the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors and Disneyland Paris VP Operations Martina Sardelli:

The cutest part was probably when the Cast Choir performed the iconic song in multiple langages:

A free collectible card and commemorative booklet was also given out on Friday. Welcome back ‘it’s a small world’!

GOTG Vol 3

We’ve already celebrated #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3 plenty at Disneyland Paris but Wednesday was the official European release and so the Resort had to do something special with free collectible cards, a new Choco Orb dessert at Stark Factory and cocktails at the Skyline Bar.

New merchandise arrived in shops including baby Rocket and Cosmo.

And over at the Hero Training Center, young guests can get a free activity booklet.

As with other Marvel releases, the day ends with a special appearance by some of the film’s heroes during the last “heroic welcome” of the day. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol3 is in cinemas everywhere now !

#MayThe4th Be With You!

They’re back! Well. They were back for a day. The Mandalorian and Grogu returned to Discoveryland for this year’s #MayThe4th celebrations.

As part of the celebration, Guests could get free collectible cards.

And a meringue snack was also on sale. It looks kinda fun but really was just that – a meringue covered in chocolate.

At Starport, Guests were very eager to meet Ret or Chewbacca, leading to long wait times. Clearly there is demand here so maybe some improvements can be done in terms of daily Star Wars meet and greets.

On the entertainment front, the head of HR at The First Order was here for a recrutement and Kylo Ren was walking around the land.

R2-D2 couldn’t miss the party and was super popular roaming around!

A bit of decor for the occasion at Videopolis, but the stage was not used.

And the BB-8 MagicShot was back.

In terms of merchandise, synergy was a bit better this year with some new arrivals and returning favorites. Sadly the #MayThe4th t-shirt had only arrived in kids sizes.

The light and dark side of the force – aka the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors ! Cool idea. #MayThe4th was again this year a huge success, with Discoveryland packed with excited guests. Again – there is demand for this so take note Disneyland Paris !


Pluto has debuted a new outfit for meet and greets this week in Frontierland. So cute.

And after some time of being on parade, Woody and Jessie have finally debuted their “new look” for meet and greets at Disney Hotel Cheyenne ..

And also at the Worlds of Pixar photo location.

Maintenance and refurbishments

The Fantasia Gardens were foamy on and off all week, for some reason.

Good news, The Nautilus is finally marked as open from July 1!

A look at progress at the former Fuente Del Oro location. It’s being turned into a Coco themed restaurant this summer.

On Central Plaza, new signs are reminding Guests not to climb on the stages.

Over at Walt Disney Studios Park, the Toon Studio sign has been removed at the Worlds of Pixar photo location.

Bamboos are gone from the walls on Hollywood Blvd, giving us a nice view of Arendelle.

Lots happening at Guest Parking these days. The restrooms are under refurbishment, and the infinity area has moved back a few lanes.

Good news for EV owners, (potentially) free charging ports have started being installed on some of the spots at the front of Guest Parking.

This and That..

Drone show “Avengers: Power the Night” will return on September 1 until November 5, at Walt Disney Studios Park! The current run ends on May 8.

And in merchandise news, the Disneyland Paris 30 / “Dream… and Shine Brighter” headband is finally on sale !

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