Review: Food & Drinks at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

We all expected plenty of art, new rooms and amenities but the new food and beverage offering has taken all of us by surprise! Gone are the generic dishes available at all the Disney Hotels bars and restaurants, we’re talking location-specific themed quality products and concepts! If this is the direction Disneyland Paris is going, […]

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: All You Need to Know

With just one day until the long awaited Grand Opening of the « Marvel Art Gallery » themed hotel, here’s everything you need to know about the revamped property. We had the chance to tour nearly every part of the hotel in the past couple weeks and this is our complete report. Let’s go! The Grounds The […]

Halloween 2020 – Disney Villains Moments Selfie Spot

Despite Halloween launching on September 26, the Disney Villains were fashionably late and only arrived to Studio Theater on October 1 (let’s just say the Marvel Super Heroes were contracted until September 30 and everyone knows you don’t mess with Tony Stark). The « same thing but make it spooky » recipe was applied to this offering […]

The Story of “Moteurs . . . Action! Stunt Show Spectacular”

As a History Major, I feel obligated to tell the history of the Moteurs . . . Action! Stunt Show Spectacular before getting into the actual storyline of the show, because no, it’s not just a big explosion of cars – It’s Disney, there has to be an interesting backstory! The History of the Stunt […]

Travelling to Disneyland Paris on the Eurostar

With U.K. lifting restrictions on travel to and from France, getting to Disneyland Paris is possible once again via Eurostar service. I traveled to the Resort via central Paris (direct service to Disneyland Paris will resume August 2). Here’s a breakdown of my experience! (Note: I paid for my own trip) At the Station St. […]

Lost in Production – A Spoiler-Free Review of Artemis Fowl

I went into the new Artemis Fowl movie with zero knowledge of the book series. According to some comments I’d seen on social media from book fans, there was very little accuracy. From what I could tell from watching the movie, Artemis Fowl Jr. has just been introduced into the world of fairies and magic, […]