“An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 3: Food, Glorious Food.

When most people think about what makes France famous, one of the first things that comes to mind is the gastronomy. Delicious macarons, incredible baguettes, sparkling champagne, and of course, the classic wine and cheese that appear in every stereotypical picture of a French person. And yes, most of these stereotypes are true for the […]

Interview with Mickey’s Christmas Big Band Show Director Arnaud Feredj

The InsidEARS team met up with the show director of the fan favorite show: At the Walt Disney Studios Park, Christmas is celebrated with rhinestones and sequins, to the rhythm of the great standards of the 1930s. With his orchestra and his live singers, tap dancers and Disney Characters, Mickey’s Christmas Big Band gives life […]

An American in (Disneyland) Paris, Part 2: Theme Park Culture Shock

One of the most important things when looking at a part of society is its culture. Even among Disney fans, there are clear divides from the different parts of the world and how they act at their local theme parks. Of course, there are always the classic stereotypes – Disneyland fans are loyal to the […]

Disneyland Paris News and Photo Report: November 24 – 30, 2019

It’s already the last week of November and although the Christmas season has entered its cruising speed, there was quite a few pieces of news – let’s take a look! Parties Schedules December 12 AP Party More details about what to expect under the cryptic « go back in time » with the seasons theme were revealed, […]

Interview with NYE Party Show Director Julien Baptist

The Insidears team recently met up with Julien Baptist, who is the show director for the New Years Eve Party hard ticket event, to learn more about what’s in store this year: Hello Julien Baptist, can you introduce yourself to our readers? Good morning, everyone! I am Julien Baptist, Event Designer and Show Director at […]