Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #158 – March 25 – April 7, 2024.

Welcome to a new edition of the DLPReport! Things are slow at the Resort with the school holidays in full swing and the radio silence from the offices ahead of April 12. We take a look at merchandise, construction, food, oh and new scenes at Star Tours!

Now Boarding

As announced last year, Star Tours has received new scenes, in line with the latest hits from the franchise: Ahsoka, Andor and The Mandalorian.

We got the chance to get a first look on Friday, with a special from Stormtroopers as we exited the cabin.

We got the Ahsoka scene – it ‘s beautiful and thrilling! Technically, only the second segments and related transitions are new, so it’s short, but everything is seamless and well done. Nice to see Disney is still putting some work into this Attraction.

Earth Month

To celebrate Earth Month, Disneyland Paris is again presenting the preshow “A Wonderful World” before Disney Electrical Sky Parade and Disney Dreams. This year the National Geographic ties are stronger with the “ourHOME” branding umbrella. It’s really lovely, despite most Guests really not giving one sh.. about National Geographic at Disney Parks.

Check out our updated full video above. The show runs until April 30.


Finally a lovely use for the long abandoned Newsstand on Market Street! Disneyland Paris partner Arribas has launched the “Silhouettes” activity.

An artist will cut out your silhouette on the spot, with various options and add ons. Prices start at €15 + €15 for the entry level frame. A great idea.


One department that isn’t sleeping recently is merchandise. The first big launch was this new Paris x Aristocats collection. Listen – yes – it’s gold and black again. Feels like we always “need” to have a gold and black “classier” collection and since there’s no longer any anniversary merchandise I guess that’s the new theme. It’s personally not really my thing although some of the designs are nice, but I still like it because it’s not the OTHER garish Paris collection.

Another notable collection is the plain color Spirit Jerseys line. It’s gotten a refresh with some new colors. These are always super popular.

With the Star Tours update and the upcoming “May The 4th” day of celebration, Star Wars merchandise is serving at pace in various shops, including this new Grogu Spirit Jersey.

Talking about Spirit Jerseys, the Avengers have a new one – you can find it at Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

So- overall some fun new releases!

The Food.

A new ice cream creation and two new cupcakes have been released over a month late for “A Million Splashes of Colour”. And well they’re all pretty nice ! The cupcakes are fruit infused which is a nice change from the usual ball of dry concrete. Is it groundbreaking – no, but is it a train wreck – also no so we’ll take it.

There is also a new “A Million Splashes of Colour” cake to share at Victoria’s (€15). It’s crispy raspberry biscuit, passion fruit confit, and vanilla mousseline cream – made on site at Disneyland Paris. This collection of cakes has been a hit.

Talking about train wrecks – En Coulisse (with its cousin Hyperion Cafe but at least Hyperion has occasional entertainment) is possibly the worst place to eat at Disneyland Paris. Hooray it’s closing on April 25 but not before it subjects us to one last weirdly gross burger. Points for the “Clap de Faim” play on word (French only – like an AP Party riddle) but that’s it. €20 serves with fries, a drink and a bag of popcorn.

In the more acceptable category we have the new “Spring Burger” at Annette’s Diner. It’s beef in a tomato flavored bun, purple mustard sauce, roasted vegetables, honey goat cheese, bacon, onions, rocket salad and.. kiwi. It’s a lot but it works, looks and tastes nice, if you enjoy a sweet kiwi kick (€23, with fries).

These burgers are created by the chef who won best burger last year. They’re always creative and fun.

Construction and Refurbishments

We start as often with the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion project. There’s a ton going on!

  • lake filling up quickly
  • Rock work for the North Mountain
  • facades of Arendelle
  • theming around lake continues with rock/brick work
  • with the turntable ready, preparations for the Rapunzel attraction canopy
  • fittings at the lakeside restaurant
  • placemaking for some of the gardens
  • construction of the service buildings, and show control / snack location building
  • Preparation for the access and queue of the Theater of the Stars, hosting “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland” soon.

Staying at Walt Disney Studios Park where the Studio Store is once again visible through the windows after refurbishment. It reopens April 12.

And a new pool at Avengers Campus ..

At Disneyland Park, work has started on the refurbishment and replacement of two scenes at “Pays des Contes de Fées. It’s schedule to take place until late summer.

Progress has been made on the long term facade refurbishment in Castle Courtyard, with a number of tarps removed.

We noticed some new lights for Sleeping Beauty Castle.

New posters for Silver Spur Steakhouse and Cowboy Cookout BBQ.

In Discoveryland, the praxinoscope (according to the readers who told me it’s not a zoetrope) has been updated to feature Sorcerer Mickey.

In Frontierland, the corpse of the Mark Twain was pushed out of dry dock and replaced by the Molly Brown which needs it for a paint job (much needed).

It’s now just sitting on the tracks while Riverboat Landing is closed.

And at Disney Village the musical chairs of construction, walls and reveals continue with some new pavement near World of a Disney and the signage for Disney Fashion removed , most notably. A long and slow process for our little junkyard to turn into a more presentable area.

This and That..

Earlier this week, Videopolis hosted a special performance by the Divertimento orchestra followed by a conversation between conductor Zahia Ziouani and Disneyland Paris President Natacha Rafalski as part of the Resort’s Women’s Day program.

In tech news – the reserved viewing area tickets are now on sale via a new flow in the official Disneyland Paris app. You may choose to pay €19 to not have to deal with the often long wait for Disney Stars on Parade and, a bit more useful, for Disney Dreams or Disney Illuminations.

Disneyland Paris is auditioning performers for new Avengers Campus entertainment productions between October 2024 and April 2025 that will include Scarlet Witch, Thor and Dr. Strange. Halloween, anyone?

And as mentioned above, MayThe4th will return to Disneyland Park next month, with a slate of special entertainment, meet and greets and surprises in Discoveryland, celebrating everything Star Wars. More details to come.

And that’s our complete look at everything happening at Disneyland Paris for these last couple weeks. Join us again next week for a special report on all the April 12 updates and announcements!


Actively involved in the Disneyland Paris Community since 2014, Ben is a founding member of DLPReport and focuses on our Twitter account, the Podcast in English and the group’s relationship with Disney.
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