Getting Ready For The Ride – A DLPReport Documentary

On Wednesday May 17 at 8pm, DLP REPORT will release “Getting Ready For The Ride – a DLP REPORT Documentary”, an original and exclusive look at the creation of the iconic show “Dream… and Shine Brighter”.

Through the eyes of shown directors Natalia BELIAEVA and Mathieu ROBIN, « Getting Ready For The Ride – A DLP REPORT Documentary » takes a look at the origins of this unique project, the challenges and the sources of inspiration that contributed to the innovating and surprising nature of “Dream… and Shine Brighter”, opening a new era of modernity and new approach for Disneyland Paris.

« Getting Ready For The Ride – A DLP REPORT Documentary », is a DLP REPORT production in partnership with Disneyland Paris InsidEARS.

Available on May 17 at 8pm on the DLP REPORT YouTube channel. English subtitles available for the interview sections.


Disney parks lover and passionate about Imagineering, Théo is proudly one of DLPReport's co-founder. Today, he focuses on the Facebook page as well as in the creation of videos of all kinds! Indiana Jones Adventure is his all time favorite attraction !
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