Disneyland Paris News & Photo Report #123 – May 22-28, 2023

Welcome back to a new edition of the DLP Report! It’s been an incredibly eventful week at the Resort with one of the biggest Cast Member strike action to date, a bakery reopening, the Little Mermaid show and more. Let’s take a look!

On Strike

After last week’s show cancellations, Cast Members had warned they may strike again this past Tuesday. With Disney completely ignoring the situation instead of reopening the exchanges, the strike went ahead and disrupted operations on Main Street as Cast Members demonstrated on stage.

The Cast is demanding better pay and working conditions. So far, Disney has argued that negotiations have already happened and refused to reopen them.

A meeting between Disney and the unions on Friday was inconclusive and as of now, a new strike action is planned for next Tuesday, May 30. Our advice for this week still stands for next week: if you are planning to visit on Tuesday and have the flexibility to delay your visit, we would advise you to do so.

Cable Car Bake Shop

After of a couple months of closure, Cable Car Bake Shop has reopened and is now sponsored by the soft cheese brand of Bel Group: Kiri. Thursday we attended a day long special event with the Bel team to present the new menu and the location’s refurbishment.

Not a ton has changed inside the Bake Shop but the location has been generally refurbished, with new art created to tell the updated story of a family from San Francisco who came to Main Street to open the shop. Their moto is “We put a little kindness in everything we bake”

Walt Disney Imagineering Paris worked on special creations for the location and even shared a backstage look at the photo shoot.

Some of the art is really cute and funny !

The opening ceremony that included a ribbon cutting was attended by Minnie, the partnership teams, Bel Group teams, and citizens of Main Street including the Disneyland Paris Ambassadors. A pretty big event for a bakery reopening but of course there’s the whole sponsorship element coming into play.

But what about the food? Well – it’s actually not that bad at all. It seems the sponsor and Disneyland Paris food team have really brainstormed this time around to create snacks that look good, taste nice and incorporate the product and branding.

On the sweet side, the cheesecake stands out à sa solid tasty option. The carrot cake is also pretty authentic and the eclair has a nice balance of caramel and cream. We found the cupcake a bit bland but overall a good job. On the savory side the cheese quiche is a bit salty and could use a “ham” option but it’s not bad at all. There are also Kiri versions of the Mickey pretzel bread sandwiches.

Here are the snacks in the flesh. Definitely have a taste of these new options.

As part of the event we also got to tour “Les Délices de Minnie” where a lot of the desserts around the Resort are created and prepared. Thank you to Bel Group and their social media manager Astrid for this fun day.

The Little Mermaid

To celebrate the release of The Little Mermaid live action movie (now in theaters), Walt Disney Studios Park is hosting a special happening 5 times a day until June 23.

The show is interactive with young guests participating in a little dance.

It incorporate live singing of a lot of the iconic songs including of course “Under The Sea”!

The show takes place near Production Courtyard and the set – while a bit cheap looking- will make sense once you’ve seen the movie. It is a marketplace setting.

The film’s release is also celebrated with merchandise at the Studio Store.

And Infinity and Magic+ AP Holders + 1 guest (with valid admission) are invited to a screening of the film (in French) at Discoveryland Theater on June 3 & 4 (6pm or 8:30pm). Park reservation not needed to enter after 5pm. Book on the AP PLATFORM

Maintenance and Refurbishments

We gotta start with this Disney Village screen broadcasting video of the area right under it. A mystery.

Down the road, elements of theming are being uncovered at the future Brasserie Rosalie, and the old pillars bases are being completely removed.

Heading into Walt Disney Studios Park, the food chalets are back as the Rendez Vous Gourmand food festival is coming back this summer (date TBD)

Of course we’ve got updates from the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion and especially the building for the water filtration plant. The lake itself is also coming along very nicely.

The Pavilion hosting the future control room for nighttime shows is also starting to be worked on.

At Disneyland Park, Frontierland is full of walls these days, in the Thunder Mesa entrance.. around the Big Thunder Mountain restrooms which are now closed for refurbishment ..

And of course at Fuente Del Oro which is being transformed into Casa de Coco. The Fuente mural still lives… but for how long ?

La Tanière du Dragon is now closed for refurbishment until July 12. That dragon sure gets a lot of R&R.

In Fantasyland, roof tile replacement continues and it looks great!

And in Discoveryland, the Arcade meet and greet location which usually welcomes Santa is being worked on for a new meet and greet beginning very soon.

This and That..

The new show “TOGETHER – a Pixar Musical Adventure” will premiere for the press on July 8, 2023. The show will then open to Guests “shortly after” with the exact date to be announced soon.

This week we welcomes back the Disney Jr. Dream Factory! Don’t miss this super fun show for the kids and adults alike.

And the barbecue is back at Disney Hotel Cheyenne’s Chuck Wagon Cafe! A selection of meats and vegetables are cooked just outside on the patio and brought in to the buffet. It’s included in the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat formula (€40 with a soft drink).

And that’s our full tour of everything happening this week at Disneyland Paris! Thank you for reading and sharing as always. I will see you again next time for a new DLP Report!


Actively involved in the Disneyland Paris Community since 2014, Ben is a founding member of DLPReport and focuses on our Twitter account, the Podcast in English and the group’s relationship with Disney.
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