5 Fun Ways to Get Your Disney Fix While the Disney Parks Are Closed

We’re living in strange, and somewhat scary times right now and we could all probably do with that sprinkle of Disney magic to brighten up the day. While going to Disney is out of the picture for now, here are 5 ways you can get your Disney magic fix while stuck at home!

1) Wear your favourite parks merch around the house:

I mean, let’s be honest, you do this already. It’s a basic, quick and easy way to feel more Disney, so don those Minnie ears, put on your favourite spirit jersey, and heck… why not even plan-out your next Disneybound while you’re at it. Simple!

From Oh My Disney

2) Play your favourite land theme or attraction music on loop:

Life is always better with background music, so an easy way to bring some Disney parks magic into your everyday life. Plug those speakers in or connect that Bluetooth headset and listen to your favourite Disney parks theme on loop. For nice chill evenings put the Disneyland Paris Hotel music on, light some scented candles, kick back, and relax!

Thanks to Filmographik

3) Learn a parade or show dance

It’s important to get some light activity in while cooped up indoors, it keeps the joints moving and gets the blood pumping. While the thought of exercising at home is enough to illicit groans from some people, why not take this chance to make it a fun activity. Put on a video of your favourite parade or show from the Disney resorts and try and learn the dance moves!
The obvious starting point here is Pirates & Princesses – Team Princesses of course! I mean, if you’re more Pirate inclined, I’m sure you know how a YouTube search works. 😋

Thanks to DLRP Fans

For even more fun, why not try recreating your favourite parade or show at home. The living room is your stage!

From ABC News

4) Watch on-ride videos and sway along

Whether you’re on the sofa, in the armchair, sitting on bed, or maybe even on the loo – make sure the safety bar is securely down and you’ve taken off any hats. Put on a video of your favourite ride and sway along to the movement.

Thanks to SoCal Attractions 360

Like with the parade, for the more adventurous out there you could even try recreating an attraction at home. Just remember to stay safe and sensible, now’s not the time to be getting any injuries!

Thanks to Brin Thornock and family

5) Learn to draw your favourite characters

While we can’t all be at Animation Academy right now, we have the next best thing: YouTube! Get the family together with some pencils and paper and have a go at drawing your favourite Disney characters.

Thanks to Disney Parks

If you have some cookie making materials laying around at home, why not try taking it to the next level with these Disney Emoji Blitz style cookies.

Thanks to Haniela’s

There you have it, 5 fun ways you can get your Disney fix while the Disney parks are closed. We’d like to wish all our readers strength and courage during these difficult times, stay safe and remain in good health. We hope to be able to see you again real soon!


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4 years ago

This is litteraly what i’m doing everyday ! (except drawing 😅)

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